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Major sound and framerate issues (Xbox 360 Slim)


Registered User
Hello everyone,

I'm facing real problems with the framerate of the new PES. The game stutters and the sound crackles.

Strangely, most of the time it happens in the 2nd half of the match. Especially online. It makes the game almost unplayable at times.

I had the same issue with both demos, my hardware is perfectly functional and I ran out of ideas how I could possibly fix this. I also seem to be one of very few people with this problem, I hardly found anyone on different forums.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Registered User
i have the same thing with a PS3 slim

in my case my tv upstairs is not hd and that is what causes the problem

if i play in HD downstairs the game works perfect

i had this problem all thru PES 12s lifespan aswell

i get lag online aswell. to the point the match is unplayable for me but the opponent has no problem scoring 6 goals. making him think he is a great player and he has just played 1 of the worst players

its a very strange thing PES


Registered User
I don't get it. Someone has it on 360 Slim, somebody on another 360 version, the next one on PS3 but only in SD.

What is the thing we have in common that's causing this?


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don't have any stuttering, but I get noise crackling (awful sound) when the crowds ohh + ahhs tapper off at stoppages of play.
happens thru tv + headset-normal xbox


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I have a 360 slim and the game comes out on tuesday here. Should I be worried about getting it? Is anyone with a slim not having this problem?


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Have you installed the game to your hard drive? Just a thought. As games are meant to run better on Xbox when installed


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I turned off commentary and lowered the ingame sound to 1 bar. It's quite silent like this of course, but the crackling is gone offline. Online it's still there once or twice a game, but hardly noticable.


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konami we need assistance

the sound is terrible just cant be listened to, first half is always fine, 2nd half terrible, extra time unberable, usind full hd tv 1080, xbox slim, it is really spoiling the games


New Member
Hey guys,
I'm actually relieved that some of you are also having this issue. I thought I was the only one and started getting worried, thinking my xbox was the problem...:(
It's just those little split-second bugs and the crackling sounds that worry me as well. They get really annoying for a stickler like myself who pays attention to EVERYTHING. Any updates? Or ways to fix it?
Maybe we should all just be patient until a patch comes out (fingers crossed).