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Manchester United Suing Football Manager Creators


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Something interesting I have read about this lawsuit from Man U's lawyer made me think about the PES Option File system:

The barrister asked Mr Justice Morgan to allow the club to amend its claim against Sega and SI to include allegations involving “the practice of supplying ‘patches’ or ‘mods’, essentially downloadable files containing replica trademarks, which consumers then incorporate into the game”.

Malynicz argued Sega and SI “encouraged” the use of patches supplied by third parties “by promoting the patch providers in various ways and, of course, they directly benefited from it by avoiding the need to take any licence and enjoying increased sales of their game”.

You Editors selling your files take notice..Hope you guys get sued first before they go after PES. This amendment to the lawsuit is opening a whole other can of worms concerning Option Files.


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I've always been concerned about this kind of things. Licenses and money are destroying the fun, as always.
I think it's stupid to sue OF creators as long as we're not making money out of it, it's just fan made content. But of course, it is indirectly beneficting Konami's sales. For instance, I wouldn't buy PES if there weren't option files and edit mode.
I hope they won't force Konami to remove Option Files from PES or something like that. End of editing would basically mean end of PES.