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Manchester United

Does this thread need a new poll?

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Really like the new kit, although the chevvy logo still looks pretty shit. It would look soo much better if the gold wasn't there and the silver outline was white.



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I don't mind the Chevy logo on the home and away kit. It's the third kit that looks off. As you said, it'd look better if the gold wasn't there.


The Three Amigos

Di Maria has arrived in Doha for his medical.

He's bound to fail it once they realise he has no balls. Couldn't handle a league where the team he plays for isn't part of a duopoly or monoply.


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Bitter eh?blame louis vaan lol...

Not really.

Is he a great player? Yes, undoubtedly.
Did he try when he first came here? Yes, he tried although his performances were hit and miss.
Did he give up when he started to get benched? Yes.
Does he want to play for us? No.

Best decision for both parties is for him to go to PSG. He doesn't want to be here and the fact he gave up half way through a season because he was being kept out of the team by Ashley Young (plus other factors his family, the robbery etc and the way he was being played).

I just hope we can get a replacement in who is world class but more of a team player who will fit into the team better, I'd be very happy with Pedro.


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So Di Maria is now officially gone which is good. Hopefully Pedro is still to come in, sooner rather than later hopefully.

Rumour has it that Memphis has been given the #7 which I'm not surprised about, great talent and fits in with his whole brand. Also heard that Fellaini has given number 31 to Schweinsteiger.

Official list to be released tomorrow I believe.

Can't wait for the season to start. What team would you guys like to see on sat?

I'd go for:

De Gea
Darmian Smalling Rojo Shaw
Herrera Carrick Schneiderlin
Mata Rooney Depay​

It's nice having a midfield again! So hard to pick between Carrick/Herrera/Mata/Schniederlin/Schweinsteiger

Hopefully Pereira, Januzaj, Lingard and Wilson all get a chance this season.


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Romero(Hopefully de geas gone :p)

Is Bastian injured or something?


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Rojo, Schweinsteiger and De Gea won't play tomorrow. I doubt that Romero will start because he's also lack match fitness. So, I think it'll be Johnstone that starts.

I wish that LVG and Valdes sort out their difference. I'd rather have Valdes than Romero. Both has hardly played any football recently, but Valdes at least has the superior experience.

EDIT: Well, looks like Valdes is off too. He's not given a squad number. said:
2015/16 shirt names and numbers:
1. De Gea, 4. Jones, 5. Marcos Rojo, 6. Evans, 7. Memphis, 8. Mata, 10. Rooney, 11. Januzaj, 12. Smalling, 13. Lindegaard, 14. Chicharito, 16. Carrick, 17. Blind, 18. Young, 19. Wilson, 20. S. Romero, 21. Ander Herrera, 23. Shaw, 25. Valencia, 27. Fellaini, 28. Schneiderlin, 31. Schweinsteiger, 33. McNair, 35. Lingard, 36. Darmian, 42. Blackett, 44. Pereira, 50. Johnstone.


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9 left for Pedro?
loving the fact Wilson is 19, hopefully indicates that he has a role to play this season.

Is Nick Powell still alive?


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Darmian Smalling Blind Shaw
Carrick Schneiderlin
Mata Memphis Young

Subs : Johnstone, McNair, Valencia, Schweinsteiger, Herrera, Pereira, Hernandez