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Manchester United

Does this thread need a new poll?

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Unfair comparison. Ole and Ruud were proper, goal poaching strikers, Rooney has a wider range of abilities, especially distribution. He should be playing deeper in an amf position with a proper striker ahead. I've been saying this at least as long as I've been a member on here (and probably a few times in this thread).

It's not his ability that is in question, rather the lackadaisical attitude of the team as a whole. We're it not for De Gea , we'd be fighting with Villa for places right now.
I've been watching Utd since the 80s and even under Big Ron and the early part of the 86-87 season, which we lost something like our first four games and were rock bottom of the old First Division, we almost didn't look as bad as we have done for the last two years. That's the last time I can remember Utd being this shit. We sacked Atkinson and hired Fergie in November of the same year.

Granted, we're in the FA Cup final now, but that's not acceptable for a club of the stature of Manchester United. That's what we used to do under Big Ron. We won two FA Cups in three years, but as Albiston said back in the day, "winning the cup was easier than winning the league, because you only had to play six or seven games -- and three of them could have been at home".

Challenging for the league and Europe should always be the goal for a club as big as Utd. We haven't looked remotely likely to do that under either Moyes or Van Gaal, and does anyone really think that's going to change in LVG's final season? All of a sudden the lights are going to turn on and he's going to figure out how to challenge for and win the league?

He's a great manager -- just not a Premier League great manager.


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Who would you like to see appointed new United manager this summer? (Should LvG leave of course).


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A mate of mine asked me that question on the day after SAF retired. I said I didn't think Moyes was up to the job, but I also felt that Mourinho was not the right calibre of manager to take over United. My dream successor to Fergie was always Pep, but he went to Munich then, and he's gone to City now.

I would take Mourinho right now. I know he's a musical chair manager, but he'll stay at United for three seasons and he'll get them back playing the United way. And I'd have Giggsy shadowing him all the time, so that when Mourinho inevitably leaves the club, Giggs will have his apprenticeship served under both LVG and Jose.

We will win the league under Jose? Maybe, but not with this current squad, and at least he is a manager well-versed in Premier League football. He knows what it takes to put together a winning side. And when he steps down, Giggsy can take over.

Nobody knows Manchester United better than Ryan Giggs, and he's right there to step in whenever he's given the chance. It worked for Pep at Barca. No reason it couldn't work for Giggsy at United.


Match cancelled due to a "suspect package". Has happened before... But apparently it really was an explosive device. What the hell...


It is happening again
So looks like Mourinho going to Utd is pretty much confirmed. Do you Utd fans think this is a good move?

One of the positives from this season is that many youngsters have been given a chance by Van Gaal. Mourinho doesn't really have the best track record for giving youth players a chance, so what will this mean for the future of these players?


what will this mean for the future of these players?
Look at De Bruyne. Clearly Rashford, Lingard, Fosu-Mensah, Januzaj, Varela, Andreas Pereira and Borthwick-Jackson will be Arsenal legends after brief spells in Germany.

I think Rashford will be the most used by Mourinho. Lingard might play as well. The rest, not so much.