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Manual Passing... convince me to convince myself to buy PES2012


New Member
I just bought a PS3, and FIFA12 was 'bundled' with it.

I've never liked the gameplay in FIFA, and have always seen it as style over substance, and I'm thinking about buying PES12.

I was disappointed with the lack of manual pass in previous versions (the L2 kind that I so exquisitely utilised in older PES games).

Can anyone inform me as far as this goes?

I've read about a 'zero' assistance setting, which sounds interesting... I like total freedom of passing and play. How is it done? Do you need to hold the L2 down, and is it completely manual (i.e. goes esactly where you point the stick)..?

And overall, is PES12 going to offer me the gaming experience I crave, as a long-time detractor of the FIFA franchise..?

Thanks folks.

P.S. What is the best Option File at the moment??


Registered User
Zero assist isn't fully manual fella. It's still assisted, but less so. Power and direction have to be relatively accurate although there are some inconsistencies to passing. It's not bad, but trying to play on zero assist say on Superstar mode is a little hard in the final third especially when you have to zip the ball tightly in close spaces. Still got though.


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yes, with zero assistence bar and holding L2 = pass completely manual.

and don't miss other tips like:

strong shooting we are discussing in this forum.
[] + direction wanted + L1... execute it in this order.

marking system (defending)... you could see in youtube the defending system
holding R2 + X to tackle
holding R2 + [] to call a team mate to getting closer your opponent

teammate control
moving the right stick to control a teammate.

There are good optionfiles here, I don't know which one I could suggest to you, but you will find one that suppky your needs.

I bet you will have a good time playing PES 2012 : )