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Manual tactics during match


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Is there a way I can have settings so that the CPU does not alter my tactics midway through a match?

For example, during an exhibition match it has often moved Valencia from RM to right back, which can be frustrating!

Appreciate any help :)


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Yeah, in your tactics area I think it's the 5th tab across or something it says 'substitution assistance' or something - I'm pretty sure it's in that section.


you must have activated the AI to make such changes for you at some point, because it is turned off by default.


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On the fifth tab in the game plan, on the right side of the fourth tactic is a menu called "tactical assistance". In this menu you have options for changing how the system provides tactical assistance during a match. It contains options like:
- offside trap - allow the system to activate the offside trap
-change formation - allows the system to change formation during a match
- substitutions - indicate to the system at what point do you want it to make substitutions for you, early, very early, flexible, late, very late or off
- attack/defence level - normal, defensive, very defensive, attacking, very attacking and off (if you want to manually change the levels during the matches)
below it are the options to assign sub routine to the d-pad - offside trap, CB overlap or switch sides
and below this is an option to select sides bases on specific criteria - form, ability, unedited.

You just need to change the "change formation " to off. There I detailed the full menu for you...