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Master league extreme challenge Liverpool F.C.


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Hi all, Ive been playing pro evolution soccer since the ISS days and always enjoyed the master league. Past few versions of PES ive been finding the master league too easy and abit boring, so I searched reddit and found this master league challenge

I looked a great challenge to do...So here it is, comments and questions welcome.

MODE: Classic Level: Top Player Match time: 8 mins Additional league: Yes Classic players: No Negations: Everyday

So ive started with my favourite team Liverpool F.C. also started with the default players in the sky bet championship.

First part of the challenge was to release the top 7 players with the best OVR. So released were; Q. Arcas 75 ovr (SS) E. Castledine 72 ovr (AMF) S. Coutinho 70 ovr (CF) L. Giorza 70 ovr (RB) L. Vrany 69 ovr (CMF) I. Hettich 69 ovr (DMC) F. Sahoune 69 ovr (LMF)

As my club was ranked 345 I am allowed one youth team player at a max rating of 62 this transfer window. chosen youth team player was; Tellagard 62 ovr (CF)

Next was to bring in 3 allowed transfers for this window based on the rules set; Player 1 based on the average overall of my 2nd and 3rd highest overall players, second player was based on the overall of my 5th and 6th highest overall players and player three was based on my 9th and 10th highest overall player.

PLAYERS BROUGHT IN; Caetano - Portuguese RWF - 26 years old, ovr 67 (scouted by myself so must be over 25 years old) G. Correa - Brazilian RB - 26 Years old, ovr of 66 (scouted by myself so must be over 25 years old) L. Van Dijk - Dutch CB - 21 years old, ovr 64 (Scouted by the club scouts so can be any age over 21 years old) signed from Club brugge for £200,000.

As part of the challenge any player bids from a team ranked higher than mine I must except unless under the valuation, im also allowed one renegotiation, but must still have a high chance of being completed.

Day 1 a £350,000 bid for D. Mayor GK 55ovr accepted from Qaxoqavoiy. When a player is sold I am allowed another transfer to replace but due to the rules I couldn't find an acceptable player to replace them at such a low rating. Day 7 a bid of £528,000 accepted for T. MAtthiessen LWF 67 from Qaxoqavoiy.

Replacement transfer was; S. Nogueira - Brazilian AMF - 22 years old 66 ovr.. signed for 310,000 from Botafogo.

Was hoping to not lose anymore players before the window shut but with 2 hours to go a bid of £363,200 from Cittadella was placed in for my highest rated player M. Yankov CF 23 years old 68 ovr. As the bid was higher than the market value it had to be accepted, but with no time to replace my main man! so the extra transfer will roll over to the next transfer window, currently looking at other strikers, left back or goalkeeper to replace.

Current Squad after the transfer window; Goalkeepers O. Melikov 35 yrs 66 ovr K . Giesler 22 yrs 60 ovr

Center backs K. Vasilj 29 yrs 65 ovr L. Van Dijlk 21 yrs 64 ovr F. Erikson 28 yrs 63 ovr M. Candemir 32 yrs 58 ovr S. Legodia 26 yrs 57 ovr

Left Backs F. Soric 24 yrs 60 ovr L. Coulfield 20 yrs 58 ovr

Right Backs U. Seiffert 23 yrs 69 ovr G. Correa 26 yrs 66 ovr

Defensive Mids N. Greenville 23 yrs 59 ovr

Centre Mids J. Rice 20 yrs 64 ovr E. Canning 24 yrs 61 ovr

Right Mids C. Shipper 22 yrs 61 ovr

Attacking Mids S. Nogueira 22 yrs 66 ovr A Redmond 25 yrs 66 ovr

Left wing forward I .Driessen 25 yrs 62 ovr

Right wing forward Caetano 26 yrs 67 ovr M. Pallister 27 yrs 63 ovr

Centre forwards A. hervey 26 yrs 66 ovr R. Jarvis 21 yrs 64 ovr Tellegard 16 yrs 63 ovr (gone up one stat since joining)

Season results so far; Match day one Liverpool - 1 (R.jarvis) leeds utd - 0

Match day 2 Liverpool - 0 Barnsley - 0

Match day 3 Birmingham - 1 Liverpool - 3 (tellagard hattrick)

Match day 4 Liverpool - 3 ( R. Jarvis x2 & own goal) Bolton - 3

Match day 5 Liverpool - 2 ( Tellagrad & R. Jarvis) Brentford - 1

F.A Cup round 1 Sunderland - 1 Liverpool - 0

Match day 6 Bristol City - 1 Liverpool - 1 ( Tellagard)

Match day 7 Burton albion - 1 Liverpool - 2 (Tellagrd & A. Hervey)

Match day 8 Liverpool - 3 (tellagard x2 & caetano) Cardiff - 0

After 8 league games the we are currently Postion - 2nd Wins - 5 Draws - 3 Losses - 0 Goals for 15 Goals against 7 Points 18

Loving this challenge on PES 2018 and would highly recommend it to anyone who is getting bored of master league or just fancies a challenge. I will keep updating this save as I play more games, also looking to set up a youtube channel for game highlights when PES 2019 arrives later in the year. Enjoy


Zarquangena placed a bid of £376,740 for my gk O. Melikov, 66 overall and 35 years old. Bid was over the player’s market price and the club was ranked higher than mine. Didn’t mind to much as the player was in his last year of his contract and was an ageing player. Transfer going through on January transfer window. Hardest part was finding a replace due to the rules. After scouting a deal was agreed to sign B. Abdoulaye on a free transfer, he is a Congolese 63 ovr rated centre back and is 35 years old. He’ll be mainly used as a back-up but is still better than my current back-ups , candemir and legodia. Transfer to be completed in January transfer window. Also found a replacement for my former striker M. Yankov a 23 year old 68 overall who was bought in the final two hours of the summer transfer window. His replacement was Meira, a 23 year old Portuguese 65 ovr rated Gk. Transfer to be completed in the January window.

Match day 9 Derby 1 Liverpool 3 (R.Jarvis, Caetano, L. Van Dijk

Match day 10 Liverpool 5 (Tellagard x 3, R.Jarvis x 2) Fulham 1

Match day 11 Liverpool 1 (Tellagard) Hull 0

Match day 12 Ipswich 0 Liverpool 2 (R. Jarvis , Tellagard)

Match day 13 Liverpool 0 Wolves 1

Match day 14 Sunderland 1 Liverpool 2 (Tellagard x 2)

Fans Nickname : Tellagard “The Dragon” due to his goal scoring exploits Match day 15 Sheff Wed 1 Liverpool 1 (M.Pallister)

So far with 7 games to go to next transfer window we have; Played: 15 Position: 1st Won: 10 Drawn: 4 Lost: 1 Goals For: 29 Goals Against: 12 Points: 34 Looking at my potential 3 new signings in the window being a centre forward to help bolster options upfront and to cover incase a player gets poached. A left back option that is at higher ovr than my current two options and another centre back for squad rotation. So far Tellagard has been a beast! Dubbed the new Nicolas Anelka! Hoping to keep hold of him all season at least. Praying no bigger clubs come sniffing around him. Season will be continued to be updated. enjoy

Match day 16
Liverpool 2 (R,Jarvis, Tellagard)
Sheff united 1

Match day 17
Liverpool 1 (Tellagard)
Reading 2

Match day 18
Q.P.R 0
Liverpool 1 (tellagard)

Match day 19
Liverpool 3 (Nogueira, I.Driessen, A.Hervey)
Preston 0

Matchday 20
Liverpool 0
Notts Forest 0

Match day 21
Norwich 1
Liverpool 0

Match day 22
Liverpool 2 (Caetano, A.Hervey)
Millwall 2

Match day 23
Liverpool 2(tellagard, A.Hervey)


Signed K.Mayi a 25 year old French forward, 67ovr signed for £456,820 from stade brestois.

Matcg day 24
Leeds 0
Liverpool 0

Second signing of the window, D. Mitchell 21 year old English left back, 64 ovr signed for 398,370 from Kalaquisong.

Match day 25
Barnsley 0
Liverpool 5 (I.dressien, Tellagard, U.Seiffert, R.Jarvis, own goal)

Match day 26
Liverpool 3 ( K.Mayi, J.rice, A Hervey)
Birmingham 0

Match day 27
Bolton 1
Liverpool 1(k.mayi)

match day 28
Brentford 0
Liverpool 2 ( M.Pallister, R.Jarvis)

Deadline day
Signed Diego cristiao - 26 yr old Brazilian CMF 66 ovr - free transfer

Sold - L.Coulfield 21 yr old irish LB 58 ovr to Al Taawon for £106,540. player was transfer listed and no replacement bought.

Sold - C.Shipper 23 yr old dutch RMF 61 ovr to Eastern SC for £235,340. player was transfer listed and no replacement bought.

Match day 29
Liverpool 2 (tellagrad, J.Rice)
Bristol City 1

Tellagard given a secpnd nickname. Fans expect him to score in every game, they call him " the ace"

Match day 30
Liverpool 3 (I.Driessen, R.Jarvis, A.Hervey)
Burton albion 1

Match day 31
Cardiff 2
Liverpool 1 (R.Jarvis)

Match day 32
Liverpool 3 (I.Driessen, M.pallister, A.Hervey)
Derby 1

Match day 33
Fulham 0
Liverpool 1 ( Caetano)

Match day 34
Hull 2
Liverpool 2 ( Tellagard, B.Adoulaye)

Match day 35
Liverpool 2 ( A.Hervey x 2)
Ipswich 0

Match day 36
Wolves 2
Liverpool 1 (I.Driessen)

Match day 37
Liverpool 1 (I.Driessen)
Sunderland 2

Match day 38
Liverpool 2 (R.Jarvis x 2)
Sheff wed 2

Match day 39
Sheff Utd 0
Liverpool 0

Match day 40
Reading 0
Liverpool 1 (own goal)

Match day 41
Liverpool 1 (tellagard)
Q.P.R 0

Match day 42
Preston 0
Liverpool 2 (tellagard, R.Jarvis)

Match day 43
Notts Forest 2
Liverpool 1 (A.Hervey)

Match day 44
Liverpool 4 ( R.Jarvis x3, own goal)
Norwich 0

Fans nickname R.Jarvis "il Tedesco volanye"

Match day 45
Millwall 1
Liverpool 0

Matchday 46
Middlesbrough 2
Liverpool 1 ( Tellagard)


Sheff wed 1st 96 points - 29 wins - 9 draws - 8 lost
Liverpool 2nd 87 points - 25 wins - 12 draws - 9 lost

play off winners - Norwich

Relegated from premiership - Huddersfield, brighton, Swansea

Championship top goal scorer- Tellagard 26 goals
Championship top assist - W.Hoolahan - 13 assists

Championship team of the year
GK- D.Randolff - Middlesbrough
RB - U.Seiffert - Liverpool
CB- T.Klose - Norwich
CB - R.Funes mori - Sheff w
LB- A.Skulason - Sheff w
CM- S.Hutchinson - sheff w
CM- W.Hoolahan - Norwich
RW - S.Johoansen - Fulham
LW - M.Henriksen - Hull
CF - Tellagard - Liverpool
CF - R.Jarvis - Liverpool

Fans Player of the year - J.Rice

Club ranking 276 up from 375

Testimonial match
Liverpool 0
The old boys 1 (F. Llorente)