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Master League Ideas


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Hi, my name is Gabriel and i'm from Brasil (So excuse me for my lame english, XD...). Here in Brasil we are great Fans of PES, this game characterize with great fidelity what football means to us, and we really love Master League mode. I have some ideas that i like to share with u guys.

1. Managing Mode - Well, things like:

. The ticket price (Cheaper, Expensive, like when u gonna play a final, u have the option to increase the price and gain more money, And the price and the game determines the number and the enthusiasm of the Fans);

. Investments in certain areas like Publicity (Shirt Sales, Club Store, Sportive materials and etc.), Infrastructure (Stadium Size, Medic Department, Young Players Formation, Trainin' Center {Better this is, Better the player growth} and etc.), Organized Fans Support...;

. Stadium Creation, Create your own Stadium, Choose the color, location, name, design, green color, green design, animation of the crowd (The Fans will Clap Hands, Play drummers, Dance, Fire Beacons, Dancin' Flags...), Animation of the Team enterin' in the stadium (Flyin' papers, Dancin', Singin', Jumping);

. Hire the Coach, The Goalkepeer Trainer, Medic Equip (The Better they are, better is the Throughput of the Team)...;

. Sponsorship, Like u can choose the sponsor and where theirs brand appear (Torso, Sleeve, Chest, Back, Socks, Shorts), but the sponsors are fake marks like, let's see, SugarDust Candys for 2º teams and Invencible Atlhetics for greater teams, do u know what i mean?, and For every sponsor u gain money (U can Choose the sponsor, They can choose u and if your team sucks, they can broke the contract), and like said before, the sponsor can put a sign in your stadium;

2. Game - Animations, Msg.:

. In the game, better animations like, when u choose a player in the bench, he goes to the area behind one of the goalkeepers and starts to warm up, When u defend a penalty the Goalkeeper celebrates (Better celebrations), U see the Coach screamin', jumpin', cryin' (!), the fans apeear celebrating, cryin', partyin' when balls goes out;

. The option to talk with players, to know how they are, and receive responses like "The player said that he wanna play more", "The player is unhappy with his condition in the club", "The player says this is the best team he played", and u can reply it like, "lecture the player", "Incentivate the player", and this affects the moral of the player;

. Receive msg. with things to do like, "The Fans are unhappy with this player in the bench", "The fans didn't liked the substitusion of this player", and this affects the sales of shirts, sponsors, tickets, crowd;

. When u wins a game or competition, appears a newspaper with a scene of the game (Like the one who appears in the WE 10 in japan campain mode);

. U have a Rival team, a Pc made team, or choosen from the region u chose start the game (If u start in London ur rival could be Chelsea);

. At least, change the names of characters that had retired;

. A Third uniform;

3. Growth - Things like evolution:

. U can choose what your player will focus that week (My player will focus on penalties, so after a certain number of training he will gain a STAR in the "Penalties" special ability);

. One time, my goalkeeper catched 2 penaltys in the same game, but in the end suffered 1 goal, in my victory for 3 x 1, and he received 6.0... Take it easy, the hardest position in the field is under the goal;

. Maybe some minigames when u are training;

Well, for now, this is it, thanks for listenin' me (Or readin' me, ^^), PES is the best football game Ever, and now listeni' their public it's gonna become even better.


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like ur ideas can't see it happening though would love to have something like that in the master league, would like 2 see 2 divisions from each country and a integrated cup within both divisions e.g fa cup as well as a cup comp within the division e.g Carling cup.


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The features described in managing mode, to be honest, are way OTT and are features that should only be used in Football Manager, such as creating stadiums and very advanced coaching.

It would be fun if they were added to PES2010 though :)


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i'd like to be able to leave the team i've been managing for 10 seasons and start over with a new club without having to start a new ML


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Nice ideas, it would be fantastic to be able to tweak even the little features like that. That in my opinion is why Fifa has always had a better manager mode. In Fifa manager mode you could upgrade staff, set ticket prices, interviewing with players and journalists etc., because in my opinion the Pro Evolution manager mode is very, very basic.


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Transfer frequency

Hello, everybody. As all of you i like and respect PES. But it has also some deficiency. When you play Master League, during the transfer period you got very few transfer requests, and if you reject it they never come back in next few weeks, in this way season ends. We, the PES funs, want high frequency in transfer requests as in FIFA Manager. It makes Master League better and inapproachable. I hope, PES developers will consider it. Thanks


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Hello, everybody. As all of you i like and respect PES. But it has also some deficiency. When you play Master League, during the transfer period you got very few transfer requests, and if you reject it they never come back in next few weeks, in this way season ends. We, the PES funs, want high frequency in transfer requests as in FIFA Manager. It makes Master League better and inapproachable. I hope, PES developers will consider it. Thanks

I'm backing you, pal.


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^ I'm voting pro this suggestion. And furthermore i would like to see a feature that gave you the opportunity to see what players that would like to come play for your club. In general a lot more "communication" in the game. Statements from players/managers etc..


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The idea of stadium improvements is brilliant. This would help make your Master League even more customisable as the playing environment can be radically different to one of your friends.

The stadium improvements could be derived from the status of the team (E-S). When a teams rep is on E the stadium will be one tier and the grass could look rough and untidy. As you progress through the ranks, you have the choice to increase capacity and size, playing surface, colour of seats, floodlighting etc.

This could in turn be linked to the teams training ground and the facilities on offer their, allowing greater youth development.


After playing PES since the days of ISS Evolution, this often means that I play a great number of seasons and although players come and go from my team therefore increasing the longevity of the ML, it would be good to have the option to switch teams and start again with a different club but keep the progress already made.


It would be a nice feature to include a goal of the season award. I have no idea how this would work. I just thought it would be good touch.


Deciding how the manager (you’ll) looks and dresses will be a good add on as once again it adds another personalised touch to the ML.


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in ML why we can transfer to other team lika FIFA does,, its great idea,, as manager we can move to other team


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I have read a few of the scout reports of the team that i was going to play in the next fixture (with man utd), and most reports are "likey to use cagey away tactics", or "likely to use 11 behind the ball", stuff like that.

scout reports are supposed to be what kinds of STRATEGIES they will be using, as well as their tactics.

E.g. "likely to pump ball upfield to centre forward", "looking to use wingers down the flanks" etc. of course, they may not actually deploy them during the game, but just to give us an idea of what they might be intending to do.

also, their should be reports on the strongest player of the opposing team and his capabilities, and a player who maybe vulnerable to (e.g.) pace, high balls, etc etc.

another thing, regarding youth players. they sould be coming through at least once a month, with us being notified of it. the reports should be alot more thorough.
one way to improve on this is to introduce reserve teams and under 18 teams, so they could have matches with each other and recieve sout reports based on their performances.

trading players needs to bought back into the game.

there should be alot of in-depth interaction with the players, like trying out new tactics and strategies and anything else that can be thought of.


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Ow... Its been a while since i visited this Forum... I loved that some of my ideas have been listed and aproved... So i want to say somethings that still missing in the game, to make the experience really fantastic...

First of All:

. "trading players needs to bought back into the game."...
U are Right scholsey, this option was really helpful, some players didnt have market, so the only two possibilitys is to offer then in a transfer or dismiss then, and i like to add one more thing here... Exchange players, offer 2 for 1, Like Barcelona did whit Etoo and Hleb for Ibrahimovich... If i want to give Castolo and Van der Berg for Gouffran, why not!?!?!;

. Stadium Management mode... Please... My ML team is Red, but the most of the created stadiums are blue... At least, let us edit the Konami Stadium, make it more personal...;

. More Cups, like, "You winned the Italian Cup, and are Invited to the Dubai Cup / Mighstvon Celebration Cup / Happy Tournament " =P;

. Thanks for listening my ideas of the Sponsors, only need to change the names... Mightsvon, Brrannachusn, Scheidrt... Whadda!?!?!?;

. Fans Respond to players performances, "The players are unhappy with Gutierrez lack of sighting", "The fans are really happy with the Ivarovs performance last week", "The Fans Called for Shimizu in the last game";

. I was gonna play next against PES united, in Home for the Premier League and against Chelsea next week, out, for Champions League... So i put aside key players for the next (and more important) game... And All of then get Unhappy, cuz they are not havin' opportunities... =S... Just for one game...;

. More Players trophies, Best GoalKeeper of the season, Best "Fair-play" player, Best defender and things like that, to help valorize more the player...;

. My Gutierrez (ML Default Player), have 4 "Overall Best Player" (3 in English Cup, 1 in Europa League), 6 "Top Scorer" (3 English Cup, 1 Premier League, 1 Europa League, 1 Second Division), 5 "Best Eleven" and 1 "Assist Leader" (Second Division)... And yet, none team wants to contract him... =/;

. The Young players, they are very, very, very weak... They are no promise of good talent... They take too long to evolve... (Except Palmieri, Palmieri Rules) ;
- here comes a Tip, make a promotion, with some gamers from the fóruns, put their names in the game... "The Top 30 players who answer our quizz corretcly first about football, will get their names and models in Young Players Master League", something like that;

. Great news that u put in pratice the trainning habillities, but, can u make prices and periods diferents for each Hability? Learning the "Roulette Mairselle" takes less time than learning "One-on-One Scorer", and could be cheaper;
- And... U can train' too the side that the player will play better...

Well Thats all for the moment, when i had more ideas i post 'em here.

thanks for the attention, and thats it, we need to feedback Konami so they can make the game ever. Great Game, Great Company, Great Forúm.

The Eristic

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The Young players, they are very, very, very weak... They are no promise of good talent... They take too long to evolve...

They get a lot better after a few seasons, if you've raised your Youth Team and Coach levels in Operating Costs. This year, I got a CB rated at 79 and a 16-yr-old left back rated 70. His report says he could be as good as Maicon! Last year, I promoted Pabelic, a CF, with a 66 rating at 18, and now that he has returned from his first loan spell, he's 82 at 19. :huh:


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Ow... Thanks for the tip The Eristic, my only experiences are Shimizu (Very very average), Palmieri (Hyper Good), Sahafi (Desapointing), Swharz (Slooooow), Jacobs (A post was a better Keeper), Heiboutang and Thomelt (I dunno what they are doing...).

One more Thing for the list...

. If a player didnt accept your renovation, it will be a good thing, let the gamer try to make another offert.