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Master League, So Far.....


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Alright guys i started a new ML with the default players, i set difficulty level to Top Player and also set the ML difficulty to the the hardest diffuculty. I also chose the default amount of money to start off with (5000) and started off in the D2 league.

F*ckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeee!, its so hard and VERY CHALLENGING. I recommend to everyone to do this in ML as its far more enjoyable. But be aware you do loose quite a lot of games. When you do this i feel the game depends more on your tactics and in game stragety's and overall playing ability.

Well in my first season in D2 i finished 7th out of 8 :(, you guys might laugh but it is very difficult to take all 3 points with it being so hard. I was also knocked out of the D2 cup in the very first round, loosing 4-3 on aggregate to De Graafshap. So at the end of my first season i finished basicaly with nothing other than my crappy players. Bareing in mind when the diffculty is set to high, it is much much harder to sign players and also when set to high, you have to decide how much a players worth based on their stats, stars, age, positions etc.

However i managed to aqquire some Newcomer players in the Negotiation Period, they didnt cost me no points, all i had to do was offer them a contract and a salary and i managed to lure the following:


These players did improve my squad but because i had to offer them higher salaries for being a small club i now find myself in quite alot of debt. The only real option to get out off this "Game Over" situation is to finish 1st in the league and win the D2 cup (The Double). So that i can maybe get enough money from those acheivements to bring me back to a somewhat level playing field.

My league form has immproved massively and after 4 games i find myself, 3rd at the moment, my record is W-2 D-1 L1, and the first round of the D2 cup is under way in my next game. (Funnily enough its against De Graafschap again, in the first round like the previous season.) Revenge anyone?.

My question is too you guys, is that i need to improve my away form and get a few wins on the bounce and also get an advantage on the away tie in the D2 cup, failure is not an option!.

So have you guys got any stragies or formations for coming away with a vital 3 points consistantly and away from home, with a very weakend side?

(If i do make D1, god help me!)


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sounds like ur making it really hard for urself. i dont have the patience to play with default players. i started with newcastle ( only team with original kits supplied) ontop player. started off in D2 and was about 4th in the table by the first transfer window. team was quite god, owen and martins were on fire! but i needed some more pace on the wings, with only really milner and sometimes martins out there. liked to play martins up front tho. i tried to get some players ,l like nani, quaresma and simao. they woulnt come. so i wasted 2 weeks in the game trying to get them. then i managed to get ribery and and fernando meria b4 the window closed. and sold a few worthless players, ameobi and babeyaro.

after a few odd loses i managed to go unbeaten the rest of the season and win the d2 cup and the league. had loads of cash to spend now and went about spending pretty much all of it! bought some young talent, fernando pato from ACmilan, (should get realy good)/ also got mexes from roma to add to my defence. cichinio was a good buy. wasnt sure if it was the same cichinio who played for real madrid but he was in the spurs squad. probably got transfered there. also got mascherano from liverpool( great buy) stats quite good, but could be better. playin 2nd fiddle to butt at the moment. one of the other layers i got in was skoko ( austrailian) just another AM for the squad, was cheap. really wanted to get babel in the team but i couldnt afford him.

2 games into the d1 season and im top of the league. beat fulham and chelsea. got liverpool in the first round of the d1 cup!


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Lucky for you. I can't play a match on Amatuer in ML without drawing. Matches seem harder in ML. Now I'm undefeated for a whole season nearly. Time up go up a difficulty.