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Michael Duberry or Totti?

Dubes or Totti (idiot) ?

  • Dubes

    Votes: 31 49.2%
  • Totti

    Votes: 32 50.8%

  • Total voters
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Registered User
Wouldnt be surprised if you picked duberry.
Dunno why though ;)

Isnt duberry a central defender playin in Leeds?
Id pick Totti, great footballer,arrogant twat, but for a reason


The World Is Yours
duberry said:
Yes, he is, best ever player never to win the World Cup.

:D Has he got an international cap?

Still, compared to Totti, it has to be Duberry anyday. 4 votes to none, in favour of Duberry. Says it all :p

The Dubes

Reyes9 said:
:D Has he got an international cap?

Unbelievably, no he hasn't. A crying shame. Although after some solid performances on loan to Stoke, Sven's said to be having a look. Makes Ferdinand look shite. Infact, the only reason Ferdinand gets in the team over Dubes is because Ferdinand has a photo of Sven in bed with some sheep...

Gary G

Registered User
It's gotta be Dubes, a campaign should be started to get him into the england squad, as captain, and manager.


Registered User
I remember Duberry being the bright young defensive starlet in Chelsea's youth system. Not quite sure what happened since then, he was destined for England and all that and then faded away.

My cousin used to date him, I've spoken to him on the phone ya know! Brief conversation when I was about 10, congratulated him on his goal against Man Utd and he asked how I was doing at school.

He's a legend. Totti is a twunt.


Registered User
Seriously!? Well I just asked my mates and they all said Totti. SO, about 20-10 to Totti. Come on think about it.


Registered User
Does that directly mean he'll have more knowledge of football than us Duberry voters ? Tell him to stick to playing mate.


Registered User
andy_ed said:
Well one of my mates plays for Man Utd Under 17s.
man i wish i played for Man Utd U-17's so i could have the key to the vast knowledge of world football
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