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How important is the 7.0 rating scouting mission? Does that just help you sign with the team watching you?

Any other interesting 'missions' ? They sold me used and I didn't get an instruction booklet. I have to know these things!


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It shows the scouts watching that you can play a high level of football.

I wouldn't worry about the 7.0 rating misson, Grashopa. Even if you complete it the tranfer might not go through. I've had tranfer breakdowns with manchester united, liverpool and PSV.

I've seen 5 missons so far.

show me what you can do/ 2star misson

don't get any cards/ 2star

three shots on target/ 3star misson

give the fans what they want/ 4 star misson

scouts 7.0 rating/ 4star misson


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I haven't yet gotten the 7.0 on the 3 attempts at the scouting mission, so thanks for the 'don't worry about it'. Keep getting robbed by the woodwork or a glancing deflection. Least it makes the game a little more intense when you are thinking I just need that 2nd goal.