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ml best young players?


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try those :
Obertan (Man United)
Kroos (Byren Munchen)
Rafeal (Man United)
Fabio (Man United)
Ninis (Greece)
Canales (Real Madrid)


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I'll just post my whole team, the majority have most likely already been said, but for my third season this is the best team i could possibly have. Theyre all youngens and develop pretty damn well especially the first team.

GK: Perin (84)
RB: Rafael (85)
CB: Palmieri (88)
CB: Jaissle (87)
LB: Fabio (85)
DMF: Javi Martinez (85)
RMF: Gotze (87)
AMF: Shimizu (80)
LMF: Sanchez (80)
SS: Sturridge (81)
CF: Hernandez (88)

Subs: SMF: Hazard (78), RB: Coleman (76), CF: Schwarz: (78), CF: A. Carroll: (78), GK: Fatecha (78), SB: Alaba (82), AMF: Taarabt (77), SMF: Tello (79), CB: Bamba (77), AMF: Eriksen (74), CF: Henry[reborn] (71)


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I have Fábio, Fanchione, Coentrão, Javi Martinez, Zarate and Lavezzi.... recently hired Hamsik who is also a class player.

All young, all great players.

Zarate is definitiely the most important player in my team!


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If you are looking for a great second striker or attacking midfielder, you really need to see Buabonette or Villalba - they both play for River plate. After a season, they are around the mid 70's however their stats might surprise ya - Villalba will have agility and acceleration around 95 so they are definitely recommended. Also for a CMF, i'll recommend Hamsik of Napoli as he will be 86 in a season and the perfect passer.
For a sideback, ill say Van Der Wiel, Fabio or Rafael, Bale, Vargas, Abate (will reach 93 after few seasons) or N'zogbia
Also, if yoo have trouble buying players as they are always turned down, I recommend you got to team information and search different teams and see who is in the transfer list or loan list. If they are, it'll make it a lot easier to sign players. Also it is really easy to get players on loan - i got messi on lloan when he had a rating od 104!
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Can someone help me? I can't seem to find Forgshenko or any other recommended young players.... I tried advance search but it keeps saying there aren't any players with that name >.<


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Candreva, Hamsik, Abate, Arda Turan and Ever Banega are great buys if looking for a yound Central Midfielder.


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@ Geordie01
They go over 100 because when they work out the average, by adding all numbers then dividing it, it becomes very low - messi would be probable in the 80's. So now they add i think another 6 or 10 points to their registered position.
Say if terry had 99 defence, 99 balance, 99 stamina, 99 top speed and 99 jump or something around that, his rating would not be 99 bu t probable 109 or something


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im in my 3rd season with Man U and my team is as follows:

perin 88

rafael 94
palmieri 98
vidic 91
santon 92

albrighton 83
valencia 99
nani 98
fletcher 85

rooney 91
hernandez 95


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try those
Ninis (Greece)
Ballotelli (Italy)
Canales ( Real Madrid )
Bojan ( Barcelona )
De Gea ( Manchester United )


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seriously? no one's gonna mention Thiago of Barcelona? In a few seasons he becomes the best all round CMF - He's on 88 for me (about 6 seasons in) but he's still young and developing (haven't got dynamic development on...maybe I should have)


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Gambino is great RB/RM. got him at 19 for about 11M - speed, accel, shot acc and power all in upper 90's by the time he's 21/22

At CB Saudi Hearthe turns out to be a beast