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Does anyone even play master league anymore or is it just online these days?
I'm enjoying pes more than ever this year!

I always play master league and i try to build a team of young talented players.

My transfer strategy is always to get rid of all the shite players in my team right away. (transfer list)

Then i sign free agents and sell them afterwards to get some fast money.

So far i've found these young players with great developing potential:

LUNIN - 21/goalkeeper.
74 overall. he is very cheap. around 2.8 mil euro

KRÁL - 22/dmf.
78 overall. around 8 mil euro. he is demanding a quite high salary though, but he's certainly worth the money

IHATTAREN - 18/amf.
77 overall. Absolutely amazing player! 20,500 mil euros.

IGOR JESUS - 19/cf.
72 overall and insanely cheap (800.000 euros!!) he is a great goalscorer and develops quite fast

HlOZEK - 19/lwf.
75 overall. 9 mil euros.

DARAMY - 18/cf (or winger)
75 overall. around 6 mil euros. a great winger on my team (87 speed 90 acceleration)

A. OLSEN - 21/rwf
76 overall. around 7 mil euros.

C. JONES - 19/lwf
75 overall. 2 mil euros!

T. WEAH - 20/cf/winger
75 overall. 8 mil euros.

PIERIE - 20/cb (try use him as left back since he's only 180 cm tall)
74 overall. 3 mil euros.

The following players are players that i haven't bough yet:


74 overall. 4 mil euro.

DAMSGAARD - 20/lwf
75 overall. 6.6 mil euro

WINTHER - 19/cb
73 overall. 750.000 euro

And finally i'm dreaming about this guy for 36 mil euro:

77 overall!

Do you guys have any great talents to add to the list?


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I’m not sure anymore because my OF has so many added players I don’t know which are in be default lol.

the ML youth team players have some serious development if you take your save far enough in time.

Murilo at Lokomotiv Moscow stands out in my mind <3mil and develops A LOT VERY quickly.


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Some great low budget talents of mimeb

Lihadji - lille
Koyalipou - Niort
LINCOLN - Santa Clara
Z. BAKKALI - Beershot (he has stayed as talent full for ever :).)