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MLO any news?


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Ill hope they put all their energy in this one...
It was a good start and i think the most popular online feature of the game. There are loads of improvements to make so i hope they have concentrate on this..


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I think this will be much better if they sort out the actual connection of the online gameplay.
Also they need to make sure that the playing field is level for all users no matter when they pick up the game.


My main gripe is simply that it isn't an online Master League, but rather a modified 'League mode'.

If they can include player growth, then I'll consider it MLO.


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Another thing I thought about, would be a real Offline ML but in a structure that allowed you to add friends to the league where say you played a months matches at your own leisure then at a certain time the month would advance with games being simmed if a player doesn't log on, and transfers could be made between teams and deals struck between your friends. The only time you would need players online would be if two player controlled clubs met, but in my case I would only be in a league with 2-4 others so this would be less of a problem.
I drool over the thought of a Master League Champions League Final against my friend with two teams comprised of young superstars we had nurtured for years :)


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Player growth would be pretty awesome, though it's something they'd need to really look into rather than just throwing it into the game, could be a few issues. Do think it's a great idea though, the thought of being able to buy somebody like Merkel rated 59 and to boost him up to a 70OV or so is an awesome prospect.

I'd like to see them work something around the pricing of players and the disadvantage certain players get if joining later than most. Players rise way too much, so the people who get the game earlier get the bargains and better squads, which means it takes the later people much more effort, time and money to get those players. And the people who got in there early and brought these players can sell them on because their value goes up, giving them even more of an advantage.

Would also love to see more CL tournaments. Wasn't they only played on a Tuesday in '11? And it was always late at night too.

What about a possible loan system for players in the future too? It'd obviously have to cost you money to bring them in on loan, but this could be a good prospect to have almost like a trial, to try these players within your team and see if they gel and once the loan period finishes to can purchase them or not. Not sure if that'd work, but possible.


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I always thought joining later wouldn't be a huge disadvantage since you'd get more for winning a match against someone with inflated player prices... and therefore you could accumilate money rather quickly...


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player growth would be great indeed. but that would require some serious and regular work by KONAMI over the season so that it would make sense... i remember this winter's transfer window when everyone used to buy players like wilshere and chicharito hoping them to get a stat boost with the new DLC. in the end we were all disappointed... so we shouldn't expect too much from 2012 - though i think it will be awesome nevertheless!!!


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I do hope that they publicise their plans for MLO soon, it's the only mode I play. Having been a normal Master League obsessive for a decade I am now bored to death by playing the AI. MLO is more addictive than Warcrack at it's peak.

The 2 week delay for those of us in the UK is slightly annoying though.