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MLO - player arrow


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Just got the game, first impression was "L" analog instead of direction pad was already pre-set. Which indicates this game wants to create player movement so this is just an improvement from PES 2012. Aside from that, the camera angle also threw me off, I mean the long view had my players look like they're walking instead of jogging, so now I play on Pitch View. I think I will (hopefully) get use to the camera angle.

But now to the question. I just started MLO and signed a few players. But my arrow seems to be all over the place. Does the MLO this year uses the same "Real World" MLO as last year? Cuz apparently I have players with down arrow in one game and in the next game it is yellow. Please clarify.




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Nevermind, there are other threads. So here is what I come up with for those 20 views who didn't reply probably thinking of the same thing. Anyhow, here\

Form Arrow - This year, not the same as last year. Its the same as 2010, basically it depends on your player's form from 1-8, the luckilyhood is pretty much random.

Some say if you rest them, they will return their form. Not proven yet, since I remember in 2012 Master League, if you dont let players play they get upset.

From my personal experience for 2 games, bought the game yesterday. I think it really depends on the player form (1-8), then random, then it depends on factors such as "bananas?" what is this... notice it after my 2nd match in MLO. More on the game in a bit, but continue on. Factors such as if the player did well or not in that game.

Wtf, I actually lost my 2nd game to this mofo. He had some good tactics but I am the best at this game since I own PES since 2004 and I am a hardcore street soccer player not to mention I a fan of the sport. Probably was off my game, thats why he beat me 2-0, not much but I didn't score and it was him who controlled the first half. MLO, I will get back to it when I get my PS3 fixed. For some reason, it broken down on me as the power switch didn't turn on (stay red light, then green light then yellow won't turn on). Got it back, played a few days and broken again. Had to bring it back for another fix, the CD wont read. Sometimes it wont even eject. Hopefully I'll get it back in 2 days.

Had my PSN account lost, didn't know why my same login wasn't the same anymore. But hey, at least I dont have to start over since everyone is starting WE2013 at the same time. And yes, WE2013 not PES2013. Asia Region (3).


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My tests have confirmed for me that resting a player wont return their form. A player with form 7 and 8 will rarelly drop below normal while a player with 5 is abit like 50% to play bad.


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I would say if you want players to change from red to purple quite a lot then form 3 is best for that.Form 6 to 8 they tend to stay on green for a long time with the odd time on red yellow or blue.