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Most frustrating version yet!!


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I find myself yelling "Just kick the ball!!!" all the time when I play this game. Should I just give up on the first time shot?? One on one with the keeper sucks too. I tap the kick button and instead of kicking a quick shot into the corner, he slows down to almost a complete stop and by the time he attempts to shoot, the keepers' covered the ball. Please help me make this game fun!


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Pes 2014 really made me angry like no game has ever done before.
Playing this game would raise anyone's stress level's.....even yoda's could lose temper with this infuriating game.

These are not my opinion alone, but the collective voices of many players on various forums:

"PES 2014 takes cheating too far and is too obvious. The COM plays football, while player's team mates are just trying to pretend to win the COM team and failing miserably at it. It feels like the human player is not playing against 11 COM players, but also against his 10 traitors team mates that sabotaged his effort at any given time.

PES 2014 is a obnoxious design which emphasizes on more AI interference, more hand holding.. more the game trying to play the game than the user..
The game lacks the sort of freedom it used to have.. ball physics, player movement and control, player passing, player selection, even the flow of the game, the result.. everything basically is more on rails and decided by the scripting than the user.

There is far too much of the game deciding the outcome of things rather than the user. They really need to remove the scripting...its like they are trying to make the match play out how they think it should.

I can imagine gameplay designer discussed the game like this:

"If we put a goal line scramble here then we have the player hit the post followed by a counter attack, which then leads to a goal at the other end, they'll really enjoy this match".

Also because it plays so a big role for you it's also affecting the outcome by purposely playing bad for you and doing the wrong thing.. I noticed loads of instances playing against the AI where my control is hindered in some way to influence the outcome.. a player will lack response, a player will slow down, a player will stop running all by the control of the AI. Players running in a direction that makes them more likely to not get the ball, player deliberately run into opponents and clumsily fell, purposely bad anticipation.

Even the player selection seems to be fixed to influence the outcome, delaying a switch or purposely giving you the wrong player when it matters most.

Ball physics follow the same influence the outcome pattern.. favourable bounces that make no logical or physical sense but are purposeful to give a momentum and influence the outcome either in your favour or against it..

I don't mind losing the ball because I'm playing bad but the game mechanics feel like they're either unfinished and just poor or are trying to make the game harder. Konami should make the game harder by improving the comp AI, not through implementing dodgy mechanics that result in players losing possession through no fault of their own. It just points to the fact they either didn't have time to finish the game or they just don't know how to so they just cheated and took the easy option. The scripting and AI sabotage and hindrance is off the scale. Player selection is on par with some of the worst pes ever made.

For example in Tackles, computer AI plyer sticks a toe in and knocks the ball a foot away and gets it or on the odd occasion they do knock it a couple of yards away, one of their team mates will react to it and move onto it.

While when I do the same with the players in my team, its like a pass to a computer player because the same sticking a toe in the computer player does, when I do it , it knocks the ball a few yards away onto another computer controlled player.

1/ There is still something 'sticky' and rail-like about it, the way players move, run, turn, the way the ball decides where to go. It still doesn't feel properly 'free'. It also still feels governed more by odd background scripts rather than truly and exclusively by what you do with your controller. Pathing to the ball and some actions are appalling , we are supposed to have freedom , it really doesn't feel like it - invisible force fields and rails are obvious and really annoying. You can sprint into a standing player and stop dead. It's like hitting an invisible brick wall.

When computer Dribbler turns a defender 360. Your defender just trots around him on the outside like baby geese following mother goose. Nothing else can be done when this motion starts. your defenders just tippy tappy running ring-a-round the roses on a dribbler that is slowly changing direction.

Thanks to the Pes rails, we still see defenders running through dribbler and ball as if he is invisible.

Too many collisions and physical encounters feel like the same end of 2 different magnets. What is up with interceptions in this game?! It's like there's a rule when you play online; "if there's an opposition player anywhere near the receivent of a pass, the opposition player will steal the pass".
It's not just some times - it's every time! I really don't feel there's a place in this game for players who play possession football.

The AI players on the computers team, 98% of passes and headers find their mark, I don't mind my headers rarely find one of my players they 99% of the time come down in space away from my player and I am fine with this, but its the near 100% of the computers teams heading that boils my brain, their headers alway find one of their team mates. Where X marks the spot where the ball is going to land or is being passed into, the players on the computer team move to close that ball. Yet the players on the your players team who are controlled by the AI the other 10 who are not under the players control don't do or act in the same manner - go to loose balls don't react act the same as the 11 under the AI control of the computer.

2/ it is again very inventive in punishing, curtailing, crippling or otherwise putting the human player at a disadvantage just so the computer can hold up: you play against the scripts, against the overpowered, over-agile, over-savant, stats-ignoring, fully-stamina'ed computer controlled AI, against the stupidity and inability of your own players, who show no sense of awareness, urgency or will power, the referees bias, the constant offsides – It's a masterpiece in showing how programmers can screw the human player over and over again.

When the game decides you have to lose, and your team starts to do stupid crazy mistakes like defense line near mid field line when You tell the line to draw back...

3/ Don't forget the fact the A.I is so poor that for the CPU to be competitive it has to basically cheat you out of a game, player purposely slowing down as You chase a 50-50, every tackle you make the loose ball ends up right and the CPUs feet like a magnet (ball physics and collision physics is a joke when it followed a cheating playing favorite script), when your keeper decides to save a shot he palms it straight to a CPU players feet for a easy tap in, CPU uses all the feints skills side steps and the rest almost all game even with the crap players, countless out stretched leg interceptions, constant climbing all over your players for headers by CPU players and what's a foul against the CPU like a block tackle is perfectly fine for them to do. All the manners which computer players dispossess You can be construed in real life as either obstruction or blatant fouls (they barge on your body and knock you over then got the ball, sometimes the cheat is so brutal that the opponent carries You with him for a quarter of the pitch length). Yet they always get scotch free.

4/ YOUR players almost never do any/reasonable runs. if they even try, YOUR players are offside 90% of the time, even if you try for a cross almost from the corner flag(!) you sometimes get an offside. annoying.
- also, since YOUR players never do runs when you need them to you have to hit that two-button combination first all the time. that's all good BUT, as mentioned before, because of the bad button response there's no time to get one of your players to do a run AND have a pass completed because your instantly overrun by the computer opponent => activating runs is absolutely useless. annoying.

YOUR players never move towards the ball when being passed to; it's like passing to a lamp post but of course the computer A.I. is there to intercept in no time because he does move towards the ball instantly. annoying and unfair.

YOUR players also never position themselves intelligently where they should (but they stand around doing nothing alot!) in order to have at least more than zero options to pass to. in fact, passing to A.I. team mates is so unreliable and annoying that I even caught myself avoiding passing... in a football game... by PES!

5/ YOUR players never try to score from a rebound. when a shot's been deflected by the keeper it should be the highest objective to try for a second shot. but usually YOUR players seem more keen to get back to their position than to go for that second shot. annoying. it was done so well in PES 2004, why not in this one?

YOU'll need at least two defenders whereas one single computer defender successfully defends against two or three of YOUR players all the time. unfair.

YOUR players are not only unable to push away an opponent using their body mass but if a light-weight striker runs into your bulky defender YOU get pushed out of the way sometimes for a few meters. if you try to push an opponent (actively using the right analogue stick) they stumble and it's a foul all the time. unfair again.

yes, all these annoyances only occur for MY team only. annoying and unfair.

5/ Awareness. You can get away with a lot more playing with assists, but I'd say 40% of manual passes the players don't have a clue. They just let the ball roll inches past them either looking at it or running away from it... while you've selected them! Tends to happen more near the touch lines. Your defenders deliberately stepping over a passed ball aka Pes13. Why? Just why?

6/ The physical game. What physical game? Seriously. You can sprint into a standing player and stop dead. It's like hitting a brick wall. Challenging from headers is pathetic - this is how it was in games back on the PS1.
Tackling. What is this slow motion upper body leaning back, lower body sticking a lazy foot out... then standing there admiring your tackle attempt. And auto tackling.

7/ Player collisions are bad. I've seen tons of glitchy moments involving player postures with their feet firmly planted, but the cpu moves them 3ft across the turf. Shows how unfinished parts of this game really is.
(It's all canned animation too. There was a lot of talk about the new physics by Konami this year), but they're exactly like they've always been just animated differently. In some cases worse, like the slow motion 'stun' players like going into a trance after getting tackled, bumped, or even after a ball deflects off them. Players doing the same dive head over heels no matter what angle they get slid at from.

The jostling isn't great. They either fall over for a FreeKick, lose the ball or go into the 'new' stumble animation. Same canned animation each time. Where is the unique physicality between small and agile vs big and strong?

8/ When opponent Dribbler turn your defender 360, The defender just trots around him on the outside. Nothing else can be done when this motion starts.
Thanks to the Pes rails, we still see defenders running between dribbler and ball. So much for the ball being a separate entity.
Too many collisions and physical encounters feel like the same end of 2 different magnets. Oh, and the ref thinks he's involved too...

4/ The scripting has increased which has created a very 1 dimensional AI that pretty much every team plays the same way and uses the same move over and over, that in a desperation to make it challenging even hinder your players to the point they won't even respond to your controls to make it easier for the AI.

5/ The ball physics has also been tinkered with to give it an unnatural helpful bounce to the AI. The momentum system they have in play is a tad weird. It seems that the momentum system just makes the ball drop to the opposition, defying the laws of physics. The ball has its own AI script built in, to speed up, slow down, delay its rolling speed, changing abruptly its trajectories, constantly sticking to one's feet, it is playing the scripted favorite.

6/ You can see their goals coming a mile off as they will stubbornly suddenly bounce and rebound despite your attempts and regardless of your reflex and dexterity, and it just pushes and passes their way thru your players into the goal as if they did'nt exist.

7/ The referees are blatantly infavour of the AI. The computer tackle you is absolutely ridiculous it seems they can tackle you from every single angle and not concede a foul alot of the time they dont even stick a foot in merely just smudge next to you and somehow have to ball.

CPU cheating barging into You everytime; big problem I've noticed is that the referees don't give enough fouls for obstruction and clumsy defending. It's frustrating when you work the right stick to nick the ball away from the defender, and he just blatantly blocks you off, or clatters into you at high speed knocking you over. A lot of teams idea of defending seems to be to just charge straight into you as fast as they can with as many players as they can, sometimes the charge is so cheatingly brutal that they carry your player with them for a quarter of the field length... in real life they'd be giving away fouls every 5 seconds. So many fouls, obstructions aren't called as free kicks even though they stop your player getting a break with the ball. Feels really unfinished.

8/ The unresponsive input you are having against the CPU, it's clear that the extreme sluggishness has been deliberately programmed into the game itself. Quite why, in 2013, Konami should have decided to produce the world's first turn-basedfootball game. If I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 5, I would buy it. After 6 hours fighting with players who are as mobile as a cross channel ferry, I have forearms the size of Hulk Hogan and curse like Victor Meldrew. Random, crash, bang, wallop is all very good but I want to play football not Tekken 12. Every player feels like he was skating on ice, don't feel in control of the ball , turns are slow and laboured and they will take additional touches that are not needed (these are pro players and all have decent ball control for god sake).

Defender response - players stand like idiots without performing the easy tasks like collecting the free loose ball. Your players make mistake after mistake, the game forces me to forgive, to make up excuses like i do a perfect pass and AI ruins it, I wait for the right player to do a run in and AI ruins the play... almost every single time i struggle against poor AI and the way my players behave...for example I'm shooting to goal and my own teammate blocks the ball ( it happens allot ). Why does the game think I always feel like passing the ball to opponent strikers?! They're NOT on my team ffs!! Why would every other pass I make, be directly into their feet?! It's insane!

9/ The simplest pass now has to be booked several days in advance. Super cancel is redundant, as it only comes into effect after the player has performed the action you wanted to cancel. One-touch play is possible, providing you mash the pass button and hope your players happen to be in the right place to collect the ball. Scoring from crosses is a no-no, as attackers - in every single instance I have encountered thus far - are required to chest the ball before shooting or heading. On numerous occasions, I have pressed and released the pass or clearance button, only to watch as my player continues to run along with the ball - with the pass gauge still lit up - for quite literally a quarter of the length of the pitch, before being summarily tackled. I have lost count of the number of times I have passed the ball to one of my players, only to watch as he inexplicably turns and hoofs it into row Z under no pressure at all, with me given no opportunity to control him. In short, the game is unplayable. At no time to I feel genuinely in control of proceedings, and when I have managed to score, usually from a rebound, it has felt strangely unsatisfying, almost as if the goal were scored by default. I never know what my contribution is.

10/ Broken player selection:
impossible to select a player because he would be the best option, so the button just fails to respond instead,
players purposely letting the attackers thru..Player switching – whether I set it to semi assisted or manual the player switching was erratic. At one point I didn’t know who I was controlling.
The game seemed to be bunched in the middle of the park. I tried to spread it wide but no joy. It’s as if the AI wanted it all played in the middle.

11/ Problem with through balls is the comp AI tries forcing your player to make a bad run to the point where the ball hit's the deck while it makes the defending AI run to the best point to intercept the ball in the air.
ven when you make a perfect through ball, 90% of the time the AI will make your player run in to a bad position. The amount of times I'm having to hit (and hold down) super cancel due to retarded computer AI forcing my players to make bad runs is crazy.

12/ Your players dont jump for the ball.

13/ The game seemed to be bunched in the middle of the park. I tried to spread it wide but no joy. It’s as if the AI wanted it all played in the middle.

14/ what's with the 'offside' detection? watching an offside replay and you'll constantly see striker and defender standing on the exact same line: offside! annoying.

15/ the difficulty level: here's what SHOULD happen if I tweak up the difficulty level: My team mates A.I. should try for more accurate runs, should defend more solidly, should improve on tactic - what actually happens: YOUR players are even worse than they were before! now they are like brain-dead on valium, moving like turtles in quicksand, unable to get a single pass, shot or tackle completed. fun-breaking, annoying, unfair."


This infuriating game is not about learning to play the game on patience or improve on your dexterity, reflex skills or tactical mind.

Behind the facade of bull-shitting "simulation" there are cunning and sadistic scripting choreographic events to make it looking like You have the control but in fact You don't.

The collision physics and ball physics, behavior and trajectories are rigged and railed to either cripple you or to sabotage all your attempts.

The AI of your team mates are deliberately programmed to fail. You play against 21 opponents at any given time in the match as your AI team mates are programmed to screw You up too, repeatedly (make it 23 as the ball and the morally blind referee are also programmed to be bias).

This poor excuse of a "sport" game is designed by obnoxious sadists to be played by "patient" masochists, who may randomly enjoy it.

There is no other single game in the market designed with the passion to screw up human player as dedicatedly, fervently and BLATANTLY as this game when it destroying any shred of concept of sport fairness, game developer integrity, ethics and honesty. It's a masterpiece in showing how programmers can deceptively and maliciously screw up/disregard the human player efforts over and over again.

Your skill and experience is not appreciated and honored in this game. You have no trust in game mechanism because there is no integrity and consistency or logics in events unfolding in the match.

They say a giving someone a "sporting" chance, but human player has no chance in this poor excuse of a "sport simulation" game.

You should not invest your sporty passion and enthusiasm, your emotional energy, your mental well-being into this treacherous travesty of entertainment.


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The unresponsiveness is the worst. The fact that on offensive your low cross will roll through the box as each of your teammates effort to get out of the way as you madly hit the L1 button trying to take control of somebody to kick the ball. Meanwhile on defense the same thing plays out after a rebound until your opponent walks up to the ball and kicks it in.

I often feel I have no influence on the outcome of the game. How could Konami think this would be a fun game to play?

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15/ the difficulty level: here's what SHOULD happen if I tweak up the difficulty level: the computer A.I. should try for more accurate runs, the computer A.I. should defend more solidly, the computer A.I. should improve on tactics, the computer keeper A.I. should do impossible saves more often, the computer A.I. should generally get more challenging - what actually happens: YOUR players are even worse than they were before! now they are like brain-dead on valium, moving like turtles in quicksand, unable to get a single pass, shot or tackle completed. fun-breaking, annoying, unfair."

This has been the case in FIFA and PES for years now. They really should rename "difficulty level" to "handicap level" in football games.

To be fair all of the points were valid, this was just the one that stood out for me.