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Movie debate(500 days of summer)

uA - 1905

Registered User
It's a good film but the Birmingham horror film brigade on here will call you a fag if you say that.


Not seen this before, but after watching that video I've a feeling I'll like it. I bought the Blu-ray a few months back when it was just £2.97 on Amazon, so I'll probably finally get round to seeing it soon enough now.
I KNEW you'd like this, at least a small part of that feeling was was due to the disney like bird towards the end. Faggot.


Witchfinder General
The sad thing is I like that Hall and Oates song but after watching that clip the repulsion I felt was off the scale. Its that sort of slack jawed faggotry I can't abide. I believe the last time I felt that tumour like pain to my brain like that was when I had the misfortune to watch Brick.


Wait Here, Gone for Help
This scene typifies exactly why I will never watch this film, I cant remember why I know about this scene but I do:


The Han Solo bit isn't even the worst thing about it.

That scene is awesome.

I've felt like walking down the street high fiving people etc the morning after I slept with someone I really liked and cared for. It sums up perfectly the feeling of the morning after