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My connection is veeery bad lately...


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I've got 6mbps at home, and whenever i want to play pes online i disconnect all other pc's from the router and i only leave ps3 connected with wifi (Signal 100%).

I went on the Konami's website and ran the Network speed test. My results are always "A" which means "Excellent. You should have no problems in playing or creating match rooms in order to host games."

But all my games lately are not playable due to a huge lag!! Almost 3 seconds.

What can cause this problem? Can anyone help please?


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Hey,just follow some tips to make your speed up
-->Configure your browser so it won't display graphics, animations, sound, video or other multimedia content (see "How to Turn Off Sounds, Pictures or Video on Web Pages").
-->Surf when Internet traffic is low. Heaviest traffic is usually on weekends and evenings.
-->Use your cache effectively. "Cache" refers to storage space where your recently visited Web sites are saved. You may need to resize your cache allotment, or you may need to purge your cache periodically. Look through your browser's menus for items named Cache, Temporary Internet files and so on.
-->Upgrade your modem.
-->Consult with your Internet service provider to ensure that your modem is configured correctly.
-->Replace your telephone modem with a fast-access connection such as wave, ISDN, DSL, satellite, a cable modem.
and now check your connection speed here
even then your connection speed didnt get speed up then you better contact your service provider..