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My Riquelme's stats updates. Your opinion please!


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First of all don't be afraid to say whats right and wrong.

Ok here it is:

Attack 84
Defense 52
Balance 84
Stamina 78 (maybe de deserves 80?)
Speed 75*
Accel 75* (should I put more?)
Resp 76
Agility 77*
Dible AC 92*
Drible Spd 73
SHt acc 94*
Sht spd 87
Long pass acc 90*
Long pass spd 86
Shot acc 83
shot pow 84
shot tech 81
fk 87* (I was thinking of giving 90, what do you think?)
curve 85
header 70
jump 71
tech 93*
agression 75
mentality 73
cons. 6
keeper 50
tw 73
condition 5
weak acc 6
weak freq 5

Special abilities i didn't change.

*are the stats I changed.


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Ok, he is my favorite player and this season he is unstopable and is the spanich league assist leader. I would like he and saviola returning to barça next season.


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stealth your riquelme is indeed well done but he is a class player and should have at least 91 in FK, his long pass speed and shoot speed 88 (he hits the ball hard) and his dribble speed quite higher around 76 or so he has an excellent control of the ball and i dont know if his technique should also be improved, if players like henry have 95 or so why cant he? (im only comparing them in the technique) his stamina is ok in 78 i think he finishes matches with his lungs about to come out of him.
Also his header stats are probably quite high he never jumps for a ball, he waits for it so you cant really see much of his heading and jumping skill. Just my opinion.
By the way im spanish so if you need help in tactics and things like that you can always ask, and riquelme should stay in villarreal, Im a R. Madrid fan hehe


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Stealth your stats for Riquelme are fine but IMO they fine as they were originally. He is a quality player and the default stats in the game are correct in terms of the type of player he is. He's still young and obviously improve as he gets older and in future PES games he will have better stats if he keeps playing the way he is.


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i put more in: spedd: 84; agility: 90; driblle spedd: 84 and Free kick: 92


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yer riqueleme is very class p.s he isn't very slow put his speed: 83 At: 82 and driblle acc: 87


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s.pass 98/speed 94,drib acc. 92, l. pass 92, shot acc. 87, l. pass speed 88 , attack 86 , balance 85, technique 92, free kick 95, curve 93.