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My twin boys were born today!


I beg your pardon?
My twin sons, Robert Morgan and Kai James were born at 00:01 and 00:02 on the 28 of April 2009, in the back of my girlfriends Peugeot 306 at 80 mph on the A167 to Durham.
Couldn't wait five minutes, could they?
Car definately needs a valet now. That'll be coming out of their pocket money.
Placentas all over the fabric. Baby juice everywhere.
But what a rush.


Congratulations mate. Now is the time to give them a football in the hope that they're superstars. ;)

PS: Nice teeth Jin, how much did they cost ?
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Thank you for reading.
Warmest congratulations mate! They seemed determined to be born on the 28th rather than the 27th didn't they? I wish you the best of luck with them. :)
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Cat O' War!!
Wow man, a new born in the family is always a joy :)
In your case it is twice the joy my friend!
God bless you all, and be a good dad!!
Today is my birthday BTW :)
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I beg your pardon?
Thanks guys.
Anyone seen the start of Talladega nights? It was a bit like that.

I had in mind either professional footballer or formula 1 driver, but since they were born at high speed I think that decision has been made. Better get cracked on building their Karts.
I bet Lewis Hamilton wasn't born at 80mph.


Staff member
Congratulations dude.

A few minutes earlier and the first could have been born on 23:59 and the next on 00:00 - twins that don't share the same birthday.