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MyClub Coop Team Selection


Registered User
Hello everyone,

has anyone figured out the logic applied to select players for a co-op match? My buddy and I play a lot of coop. For some reason we end up having a lot of offensive players (LWF, RWF, SS, CF) and a lot of defensive players (LB, CB, RB). But very few CMFs, no RMFs / LMFs and - most importantly - no DMFs.

Is there a smart way to influence the player selection?

Thanks in advance!


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C'mon, isn't there anyone with a brilliant idea, or a good catch on how to do this?

It takes highest overall players from both of you which are suitable for Hosts default formation. If there is no dmf in formation -> NO DMF WILL BE SELECTED.
Before matches with my clan we can decide who will be our CF for exampe. One of us takes high rated CF and others dont. Player who takes high CF takes poor GK...
There is some bug in game, if contracts ends between matches, players will not be selected to next match even if you renew the contract.


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Intersting! So if my default trainer is Low, who plays 4-5-1 without DMF, no DMF will be selected. Good to know! I tried to convert one of the CMFs into a DMF before starting a Coop Match. Didn't work. I'll have to find a better suited Coach it seems.

Thanks for the tip!