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Need urgent help!


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First of all, sorry guys I know this is the wrong forum but I already posted this on the other forum but no one is online there... and I need your help quickly..

Im new to PES and i downloaded the PES 2017 trial edition. Its a nice game and i have a decent team. Right now im in a myclub leage tournament. I played the first game and won. My GP went over 10.000 so I did special agent spin to get a new player. I did this while I am still in the tournament. I got DYBALA (!!) but it says that I cant place it in my squad because I am in the tournament right now. So the "Add to Squad" option isnt possible anymore. The other options are "Add to myclub members" "convert into trainer" or "release". I obviously dont want to lose a player like dybala so what should I do? Can i add him to myclub members and put him back in my normal squad later?

Or should I just wait in the signing window until the tournament ends and then add him to my squad. will that work?


Hey mate, you need to select add to myclub members, then after the tournament you can place him in your squad