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Nemisiskidd png's


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after going back to 2011 and inputing your kits it appears in 2012 the colors are a bit sharper maybe? the white is actually more white. so for instance where one of your white pngs may have fit perfectly on 2011 with a white 2012 the white base is more white and not so grayish like in years past. i hope this makes sense but it means youll have to change your white pngs :(

no prob i make all my kits with psd's so ill just change backgrounds, btw how did u get pes 2012 so early ??


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no prob i make all my kits with psd's so ill just change backgrounds, btw how did u get pes 2012 so early ??

im american lol game comes out tuesday for us and i know a store that releases it early. the weird thing is ALL the colors are a bit off. again this is not a fault of yours but a change with pes this year i believe...for instance a blue like chelsea's that is normally 0-9-15 matches 0-3-15 this year. so going off your color suggestions im having to change them to match the png.

any idea when you will have the white kits for the EPL and bundesliga reworked as i am using your kits for my option will be given of course


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matter of fact if you want to use me ill test the white ones for one at a time and ill tell you if it matches or not this way you dont have to redo them all at once to find out it still doesnt match


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Can i ask if you could Possibly Do this Emblem for me But Change the Text Down the Bottom.

At the moment it says Daejeon Citizen FC
But i would Like it to say Ultra Heads FC

And switching the letters D and C for U and H.


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Kit Plzen+Nicosia

Hello Nemesiskidd!
I see you are too busy for do the kit of Plzen and Nicosia, so I will ask to vixon to do that. I hope you're continue your fantastic job ;)


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Hey Nemisiskidd,

Can you make the Russian Premier League kits please,

Amkar Perm Home:

Amkar Perm Away:

Amkar Perm Away:

Krasnodar Home:

Krasnodar Away:

Krasnodar 3th or GK (?)

Krylia Samara Sovetov Home:

Krylia Samara Sovetov Away:

Kuban Krasnodar Home:

Kuban Krasnodar Away:

Lokomotiv Moscow Home:

Lokomotiv Moscow Away:

Spartak Home: (Russian)

Spartak Moscow Home: (European)

Spartak Moscow Away: (Russian)

Spartak Moscow Away: (European)

Spartak Moscow 3th Kit: (Russian)

Spartak Moscow 3th Kit: (European)

Spartak Nalchik Home:

Spartak Nalchik Away:

Terek Grozny Home:

Terek Grozny Away:

Tom Tomsk Home:

Tom Tomsk Away: (I can get no picture of it.)

Volga Home:

Volga Away: (Bad picture. I know)

Thank you,


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Fantasy Kits
the background colours of these kits do not match in pes, i use transparent pngs.



London Football club
London Club

Hey man! excellent work in all your kits, can you make more of these kits but without badge? ( including these ones up there ) for my ML, thanks broth!