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New Admin Voting

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1. Phatmann
2. Joel
3. Baddar
4. Papa
5. Cookie

All good candidates, Phatmann Scoop has paid his dues though.


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On the grounds that this is, essentially, a direct replacement for Original?:

1. Hunter
2. Phatmann
3. Baddar
4. Cookie
5. Joel
6. Papa


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1. Phatmann.
2. Hunter.
3. Cookie.
4. Baddar.
5. Papa.

Good luck, dudes.


If anyone edits/edited their votes, please let me know via PM. I'm keeping the results up-to-date as they're cast so would miss edits of old posts.


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I assume Phatmann has already got the first spot (rightly so), meaning it's a race for second spot?

I'm not sure what system you are using to determine things, but if it is the same one I am thinking, then one of the other candidates is in quite a good position to take the second spot right now.
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