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New Commentators for PES 2008?


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Jon Champion is going to be a nice change from listening to Peter "I pronounce everything in a tune" Brackley.

Here's hoping that this rumour is true.


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Always liked Brackley from his original Football Italia days, though now I
think he mostly does the minor World Cup matches and other tournaments
for ITV and international feeds. Jon Champion has his moments, but I
would miss some of Brackley's terrible delivery.

Calzone and Barndoor, Motson was replaced on FIFA the
year before last. The main commentator is Tyldesley.


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jon chapman aint to bad but Lawrenson does my head in on telly i have to turn the volume down when he is on telly. :(


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Would be great to have the commentry from Jon and Lawro. Please Konami don't fuck up. I remember on the N64 a footy game and evertime you took a shot the commentater would say "It's a long shot" every single time, got on my nerves.

Jess C

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IGN: "Another area that's been revamped for PES 2008 is the commentary, which is now handled by John Champion and Mark Lawrenson. Now, most of the match is commentated on by one person (in this case Champion), much like watching a game on Sky Sports, with the other commentator chipping in at key moments during the action. It works remarkably well and provides a more natural soundtrack to the game. It's scaleable too, so rather than simply choosing to have the commentary on or off it's possible to have it kick in only when the ball is in the final thirds of the pitch, or when the action hots up on the field."

Full Article Here:


The Three Amigos
Best commentry was on Olympic Soccer.

"The substitutes are warming up beneath, no literally."


I drink your Milkshake
The dryness and boring of Lawro will be a treat.

Champion: Great game eh Mark?
Lawro: Sure...


Champion: What are they doing wrong Mark?
Lawro: At the Merment John, I couldn't care.

If the scripts are along these lines I will once again be able to listen to PES rather than mute it and listen to moosic.


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John Champion is a great commentator(Just a shame they cant get Martin Tyler, oh well) i hope the scripts are better and not "Its along shot"


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Jon Champions sounds great!!

I hate current pes commentary, whenever I hear it I just want to alt+f4 :D hence I changed it to Fifa commentary.

This is great news...