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New Cover?


Registered User
Just found this



The Boss
Looks fake to me.

The top edge of the cover has a blurryness what I would associate with an image being rotated in Photoshop.


Registered User
This could actually be a real one. Here's why:

- Messi ( licensed player because he plays at Barca )
- Gerrard ( according to the rumours Liverpool is licensed, so Gerrard will then be licensed too )
- There were rumours of a PS3 pack with PES 2009

So i meant to say that this could be a real cover :)


Surely Messi will be wearing his Barcelona or Argentina kit since they're licensed. Same would go for Gerrard, although since no word on whether he'll be on the cover, I can't see it being true. We all know Konami like to have their cover stars in thier national or club teams licensed kits to promote the fact they actually have licenses.

Looks real, but it's just a good fake.


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im thinking more like the player on the right is supposed to be a created player to emphasise the become a pro mode..