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New PS3 Option File with FM stats and Summer Transfers


Registered User
hey all, i just dont know how to download this file! Where is the link or the file that i should download here?



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hey Coonagh10,
thanks for your work
u haven't make any transfers! ronaldinho is not in milan for example!
am i right? or im having problems with copying the files?


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He is mate. You have not downloaded correctly. On this site go in to files and you will see transfering option file to PS3 thread. It explains step by step.


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Coonagh10 Can you please give me the link that contains the latest transfare ( Robinho in tot. and amauri in Juvi. )


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Just Testing Now, Going Very Well, This Is So Much Better Than PowerLFC's

I Will Be Happy To Help With A PES2009 OF, I'm An "Expert" In Lower League Football, So Maybe Some Championship Teams ( Maybe League 1 + 2 ) That Would Make The Master League So Much More Realistic xD

Tapp Back


PS. Up The Blues, We Are Top Of The League, Say We Are Top Of The League :p


Registered User
I have to say m8, ur OF is just bout perfect!!
I'm lovin all the fantastic appearances and stats!!
Truly amazing!


Registered User
this is much more realistic. compared to the pro liverpool OF posted by LFCpower. what a load of crap. what a dreamer. thanks so much dude.


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This OF is the best yet on PS3 I think. Keep up the good work for PES09 (should, hopefully, be less work for you on that one!)

Nice to see the way you've managed your thread too; LFC's option file is by no means terrible but his attitude is - and as others have mentioned - the 'powerlfc' approach has led to some fairly ludicrous stats.

Well done Coonagh 'the Gooner'! :)


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Hey i have a problem. The download which you linked available for this file is only 1.25 mb (and it does not work). The rar only has one folder in. Where can i get the full download of this option file? please help


Registered User
Hi Coonagh10,

There is only one word to describe this OF and it is fantastic!!!!!

This is by far the best OF I have downloaded.

Once again there are no god-like players any more.



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Can somebody upload an option file another server example;rapid because ı can't download from filefront


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Quality option file!! much better than anyone I've used before... the game even feels a bit slower because of the reduced 'crazy' stats!!

Top man!