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Newgens instead of regens?


Registered User
Hi there!

Long time PES (and football games in general) players here.

Loving what PES has become on the pitch lately (I feel that the PES 2015 claim, "The pitch is ours", was true) but a little annoyed at a thing that happens in ML which basically ruins it in my eyes: players respawning.

I was wondering... Wouldn't it be nice if we could have newgens in ML instead of seeing the retired players respawn and restart their career all over again?

I mean, if a player retires, a new player should be created belonging to the same confederation the retired one belonged to and playing in a similar role.

For example, when Iniesta retires, a new European youth playing as a midfielder should spawn.

His name should not be A. INIESTA but it should be chosen randomly from a table containing the most used surnames of the nation he's from (who knows, if he's Spanish he could be called S. ZAPATERO maybe, if he's Italian maybe A. ZAPPA and so on).

He shouldn't be bound to be a superstar already, but his stats (and, most important of all, his growth style) should not be tied to the ones of Iniesta. Who knows, maybe Zappa is the next Pirlo but he could also be a Sunday League player for all his life.

Appearance should be "kinda random".
If he's Italian, he would most likely have an "Alpine" complexion with hair ranging from blonde to black or "Mediterranean" complexion with black hair.
If he's British he would hardly be "Mediterranean" but could be "Nordic" maybe, or "Afro-European".
In any case, his appearance should be built with a skin tone matching the region he's from, with random eyes colour (coherent with the skin tone) and random hair colour/hairstyle (again matching the skin colour, I wouldn't want to see a newgen from Iceland with dark skin, green eyes and red hair).

Wouldn't it be better in the long run? It would render scouting more interesting, and ML less repetitive.