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News about PES 14


Very cool BUT so many lost presets! I really hope this supposed 1000k face patch comes out almost immediately they better not drag their feet like they usually do.

Well, I think, we must wait some weeks, because they need time to collect our opinions and than, they can work on that faces.


Just to clarity of the DLC faces, don't expect them all in one go. What was actually said is that they aim to add 1000+ faces through DLC over time, not all at once.

We will probably see a lot more data packs this year as they no longer have to pay Sony or Microsoft to release them ;)


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Will all 4 fake leagues be available in normal exhibition match mode, so that we can play matches between let´s say created bundesliga, mexican and japanese league teams?


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wtf i have in front of me konami..?maybe is my tv..!?yu said you will come with a 1000 faces dlc, but you should retrive this game from the market, is a lost 2 years in studios(europe,uk) for what?sorry guys for my reaction but..


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haha, so many preset faces, the player ratings are a big joke, no rain... what else should I have expected from konami.


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According to Adam Bhatti on Twitter the face DLC is a few mounts after release...

A few months?!?! Arhg honestly I would have been fine with this past years graphics used again with updated gameplay! Gathering the community opinions on who should have a preset is a weak excuse.The simple solution is make sure everyone who had one in 2013 has one in 2014 and from the top 500 players vid I saw, they aren't even close! I think this year should show Konmai they need to expand upon their dev team - it seems like they were overwhelmed with the amount of work this year.


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faces or not the gameplay is on another level this year. You should all be pleased with that. We couldve had another clone like fifas past 7 years.


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Have they said how long it'd be before the squads are up to date?

Adam Bhatti on Twitter: Face DLC is a few months after as we gather fan feedback. Transfer DLC needs to be in yesterday etc

I don't know what he ment by the Transfer DLC yesterday... :p

And someone that have seen there picture on Facebook and think they know what there big surprise for release day?...


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We will probably see a lot more data packs this year as they no longer have to pay Sony or Microsoft to release them ;)

could mean more gameplay patches too :no: everytime you get used to the gameplay they tweak a little bit here and a little bit there and we have to start again :angry: