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Club boss is definitely missing out a lot of things chairmans actually do so it is a restricted mode.
Also i agree with everything you said - so far it's not that playable(the mode) because of it's lack of things


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Club boss is definitely missing out a lot of things chairmans actually do so it is a restricted mode.
Also i agree with everything you said - so far it's not that playable(the mode) because of it's lack of things

Lack of what?


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especially with the business side of the club. Like making a new shopping centre or training ground in real life is not in juridiction for the managers/ headcoach. Got to be on the Chairman turf.

the nameless

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I have to agree with the guys who dont like it. I have zero interest in a running the club mode/game. It's a football game, the time and effort and space should be put into the footballing modes - BAL could do with a revamp, and ML nearly drove me to FIFA this year, or to just quit with the football games.

However, if anyone still wants to know how to get the trophy,but doesnt want to play it properly, here is a cut and paste job from


First, pick a strong team (I used Real Madrid) and kick as much players out as you can into an other team. Then, transfer JAPANESE or SOUTH KOREAN players to the team. Note, who the players are doesn't matter, just be sure to pick one of each position. When you can't transfer into the team anymore kick out the rest of the original team's players and put in other JAPANESE or KOREAN players. Just be sure to have a max of 16 players, 11 of each position + 1 keeper sub + 4 subs. So you should have 16 players in the team.

Now, you want to max their stats to 109, AND put their age to 20, so they won't retire

After that, it's game on!

When you star Club boss, put Super Star difficulty 10 min Euro Low No No No and NEXT ( I don't think the difficulty or play time changes anything but better be sure). And the usual stuff, name, etc, and pick your club.

You should have 38 Million expenses with your team now and leftover money. With it, recruit CASTOLO as your manager, and put 10 Million in budget marketing.

And VERY important, always pay the sum the girl asks you in the beginning for the team, in this case 38 Million.

Now, grab a beer, or a bite, or whatever, and sim to 31 of July.
By the end of the season, you should have won everything and get a big fat pay rise

When the next season starts, pay the sum asked and invest 10 Million in budget marketing.

Simulate, rinse and repeat

When you arrive at the 2016-2017 season, you should have around 1 Billion, you will be asked to pay around 300 Million, DON'T pay it and don't put anything in budget marketing.

Simulate to the final game of the league, receive cash, sim to finals of CL, win, get money and GET THAT DAMN TROPHY

I actualy got mine by withdrawing the funds at the start of 2015/16 season.


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I Played 4 seasons and won almost everyting and lost only one cup {COPA DEL REY}
and gave less money for the manager and still the last place .. so I deleted my C-B coz I got sick of it ...


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Well, No offense but The WAY I see This MOD it looks like i have rediscovered the GAME.
I really LiKE this Mod But as Many of you said needs to be improved...
LiKE if there's a big game coming too close B4 another game, So that you could tell your manager to do SQUAD ROTATION and let the key players REST.
I had the BEST manager MiNANDA but fired him after some games cause he used to do so much training and in my team Barcelona Players like Villa, Iniesta, Xavi & Puyol mostly were tired showing too much fatigue and I lost some games..


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Yes, the game lacks creativity and AI. It feels way too repetetive after a few seasons as I wan every manager to have their own mind, own individuality. If they know a key game is coming in 1 and a half weeks, I expect them to field a weaker team against lets say Wolves (who are shit), not their best XI. Better Squad rotation, better spending ways (you should be able to customize merchandise) etc. It is a weak mode as its like master league except you let the coach take in charge for everymatch so for a lot of fans, it is pointless


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Well i picked Barcelona, currently in 2017 and im still only 37th on the list..... 1.2billion behind Real Madrid in first place :/ so im guessing this mode would go on for years! maybe in 2030 i might be 2nd! lol