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NTSC Files for Bollaxmasta's Patch Here...


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why not a OF?? i want to have all the bundesliga in other leagues b!!, jaja, but if you want to put only some teams is good as well!!

BUT, PLEASE AN OF!!!!!!, i don't want to copy all the game again, and waste a dvd dl, i already copy the game with the current version of you patch!!, WE NEED NOW ONLY A OF; to fix the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PORFAVOR!!!! Desde Chile, Saludos.

No offense, but if you don't like it, then create your own OF. It's a lot of work to create these patches..if you don't like the way these guys do it, then do it yourself.

Besides, I think there's going to be more than just new teams and players....which can't be done with just an OF.


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Hey Bahnzo,

Thanks for your time. Burning the ISO right now and hope it works! Anyway I just spending several minutes manually doing the "import file over" thing for each bin in GGS. Is there a faster way of doing it? Like a batch replace? Thanks.


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Freezing for me...

Hello Bahnzo!
I have tried exactly what you posted, and I'm getting the game to freeze in the match loading screen after you select "Start Match" in the formation settings screen.
The balls are there, the team logos, the kits, league logos and names, etc.
It just won't load the match.

I'm detailing exactly what I did so maybe someone can tell me what I did wrong.
1. Downloaded Bolloxmasta's files:

2. Imported Bolloxmasta's .img files into a clean PES2009 iso with GGS 7.4 in the following order:
-Skipped cv05.img according to your instructions
-cv09.img (Got a "File Smaller that original" warning and imported anyway)
-Skipped importing rv0c_e.img into rv0c_u.img according to instructions
-Imported unnamed_8183.bin and unnamed_8184.bin from shaktar fix to cv06.img
-Imported your cv05 bins to original iso cv05.img from smaller to bigger file size
-Imported your rv0 bins to original iso rv0c_u.img from smaller to bigger file size

3. Burned with CloneCD as always.

I have tried your suggestion of writing only the bolloxmasta unnamed_11 file to original iso cv02.img with the same result.

Am I doing something wrong?
Anyone having success doing this?

I noticed that there are several fixes, but I remember reading somewhere that they are already applied to bolloxmasta's files If you download now.


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How to include the three scoreboards on the patch !!!

Hello everyone ... during 2 months, i was entering in the forum waiting for the moment and now is time. the v.3 is already out and seems to be lot better than the v.2 bolloxmasta patch. Thanks to the creator and all the people who had helped him in the journey. i think that more than a individual patch, this is a work of a community to carry on with this great purpose, a decent patch for the xbox console of PES 2009.

Thanks Bolloxmasta
Thanks Bhanzo for the NTCS corrections
Thanks to all...

Now i would like to know certain things about the process of patching the iso with the V3 version.
First, if someone could explain me how to include the 3 scoreboards in the iso (according to the FTP site, we must insert only one rvc0_e file). really i'm a bit confused about that.
Second, in the thread of tonycrew about the scoreboards, he refers to certaing bugs that couldn't be repared on the scoreboards (like the freezing of a 44:59 or something like that), i would like to know if this was repaired for the patch or still happens with the scoreboards (if somebody has the patch running can tell me).
Finally, i'm on the process of patching the iso, so having some questions about it. in the iso i.e. the img file has the name of "cv0a.img" but in the bolloxmasta patched img file has this name "cv0a_-_v3.img". should i rename the uncompressed bolloxmasta file like the original one before replacing it with game graphic studio? or replace it anyway with that name?

for now that's alll...

thanks for the answers!!