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Official ML Stories Thread


as normal as norman bates
i finished the season
lost the up final but i did it quick 2 see if iwas in the right league
and i wasnt

i won the league
12 wins and 2 draws, both at home
didnt concede a single goal away from home and now i have to start again
and i have and it seems to be alot harder
beat boca 2 - 0 away
beat river 4 - 0 at home but i didnt deserve to win either match


as normal as norman bates
beat olimpiacos 1 - 0
dont get y its harder but im glad it is
was playin brugges 2 - 0 up in the first half, playin great but i had to turn it off


Bombay Shitehawk
I started a new master league there a while ago (6*). I used the default team and traded for Fabregas, R.Smith and Farfan at the start. For the first few games I was winning 4-0 but it got harder as I went along for some reason. I bought Vomme and Baumjohann at christmas and won the rest of my games but for a draw vs WE united. Before christmas I was in 5th place D2 and I finished top Knocking PES United off the top spot in the last game. I won the D2 cup final on penalties after a 3-3 draw with Reggina.


as normal as norman bates
made a new team 2 day
already had a team called los santos after san andreas and made a ew team called sin city (where would i get that)
the logo is teh sin city writing and it looks alright

played the arsenal 1 for the first time in a while and won 3 - 0 at charlton after 24 shots
beat liverpool 4 - 0 away in the cl and i have to play chelski next


as normal as norman bates
just ended the first half of my 2007 season

beat chelsea 4 - 0 away and drew 2 - 2 away in the cup against chelsea
negotiation period now

i have to sell vieira, raquel, italian winger (forgot his name) but that'l leave me with about 19 players and i have a great first team and solid subs and i have over 160000 points b4 i sell n e 1


as normal as norman bates
its gone all quiet in her recently
i finished my season with the shit team
won the league without conceding a goal or getting a yellow card an won every game, beat brugges 6 - 0
only goal i conceded in the whole season was the d2 cup final against olimpiacos, i was 4 - 0 up and rivaldo scored a simple goal, in the negotiation period now and i have 22000 points and im going to sell a bunch of players, i have 3 offers in the first period for a combined 12 - 14000
so i'll see what i can do with that

rachmane barry scored 10 in 7 league games, 2 in the cup (both in the final) and he scored in every league match he played

castillo, would probably be better as a left winger

kaebi is doing well, scored in the final 2


Registered User
I'm in my second ML-season, playing as Club Brugge, finished third the first season in second division (3 points behind champion PSV), won the cup, and bought 4 players: Babos (brilliant keeper; traded him with Stijnen), Zezak (OMF, good but not super), Rahn (SMF, brilliant free kicker) and D.Milito (CF, develops really well).

Now, I'm standing top of the table, Milito scored 8 goals in 5 games, and everything is turning well. The next transfer period is in sight, and I want to buy a new, strong CF to strengthen my squad. I'm thinking about signing MIURI (serbia & montenegro, 23, 202 cm). Has anyone tried this player? Is he any good?


Registered User
For a big strong forward I suggest Blackstock.give him a season or two then he could probably become starter.Ranza or Mido are also good big forwards


as normal as norman bates
so i finished my season with den bosch
i bought pele, encklman, claudio lopez, finney, krol, a roberto carlos like lb, (forgot his name)
hes dutch, 17 years old, 95/96 shot power, no acc, no tec, no team work, 32 defence, 50 attack, 60 dribble acc

synol or snyol or whatever it is is my normal lb, hes 19 and a better allrounder, he won overall best player in division 2 so im not sure who to use

so im in division 1 now

first game home to liverpool, i was unsure about how i will do
25 minutes gone i was 1 down thanks to cisse but pele had me level at halftime

62 minutes and pele beat the defence and made it 2 - 1 but an awful pass and mistake by calero and the defender let in cisse for a tap in

den bosch 2 - 2 liverpool (1 - 1) not a bad result

then a big game, home to milan

pele neted after 8 minutes and then again afetr 12, 2 up against milan, i thought i was dreaming
crespo nicked 1 back
ht 2 - 1
early second half, barry put through and scores, 3 - 1
injury time barry scores his second for a memorable win
den bosch 4 - 1 milan

first away game is at valencia
25 minutes of great attacking rewarded with a kaebi strike
ht 0 - 1
pele early in the second made it 2 - 0
pele set up barry on 72 to make it 3 - 0, a memorable perfotmence
a brilliant volley by substitute castillo made it an amazing 4 - 0, a lapse in defence in the 88th minute let coradi through to round the keeper and make it 1 - 4
valencia 1 - 4 den bosch


Registered User
I had a wierd ML season, i was top all the way through with Man Utd, on match mode players, until my Strikers Rooney and Farfan decided to stop scoring goals, and Arsenal came out of nowhere to go top.

I was also in the Div 1 cup final against Arsenal and decided too get some Payback fo the robbing me of topspot so i went with 3 up front, Rooney LMF, Van Nisstlerooy CF and Farfan RMF. The game ended up 2-2 with Farfan grabbing both goals. I reckomend him to anyone he improves with speed for me his shot acc is now 98 and im in 2006.
I eventually won on penalties Thanks too Kiraly who i think is one of the best keepers on the game.

The last game of the season and funnilly is was playing Arsenal, there was two points in it. I wasn't confident as Henry had scored 62 goals in all competitions. Its was 1-1 until the 88min when i got the Ball with C, Ronaldo just inside my own half, i went past viera easilly, a couple of step overs later and i was past Ashley Cole, i was about 25m out when i went to shoot but i must have caught L1 with my finger, which was a stroke of luck as the ball looped over Lehmann who Just watch it sail into the back of the net. I woke my Daughter up celebrating LOL!!!

After Beating AC Milan in the semis of the WEFA Cup. I was looking forward too the final As i hadn't lost a single match all tornament which was an acheivement in itself.

So it was Final day and guess wot i was playing the Arsenal again which i was happy about after beating them twice already. And i was even more happy because Henry had been injured in the final league game, so i was well up for it. And it showed as everthing went right as i stuffed them 5-2 with rooney scoring all 5.

It was a awesome end to the season Beating Arsenal 3 times to win 3 trophies. My taem throughout the season was GK Kiraly, RB G Neville, CB Hietinga, CB Ferdinand, LB Hienze, RM C Ronaldo, CM Keane, CM Scholes, LM Park Ji Sung, CF Rooney, CF Farfan,

My player of the season was Hietinga he was awesome at the back as i only conceded 12 goals in the league.


Woo Woo Woo
Nice one mate i aint had a season that good for a long time i start to lose interest after the first season now



I think I finish my last season with a piece of sheer luck. It was the WEFA cup final and I was 2-1 down on 89:31 (6*) and I got a penalty, slotted that home and thought good i'm going straight to extra time (0 mins injury time). But from the centre, I tackled the striker and slammed the ball down the field expecting the whistle to blow when it hit a defender and rolled past the keeper, I could not believe it lol!


New Member
Boost your players

Use team training as well as conditioning and the players who you select to complete the sessions will improve imediatly.


Formerly Shopper
How would you rate this team:

GK Banks
DC Moore
DC Beckenbauer
DC Baresi
DM Tardelli
DM Gullit
LM Muhren
RM Socrates
AM Platini
FW Pele
FW Maradona

Not bad if i dont say myself!


as normal as norman bates
beckenboer aint the greatest defender and hes not the tallest, i rekon u shud use him as a cm or dm coz hes good at passing and shooting and he'll do a bit more

gullit is good, i bought him for den bosch in the transfer window and he scored a 30 yarder on his dabut and scored the second in the same matc, hes scored 4 in 5 league games and i use him as a cm, only weakness is his dribble speed, 63 odd is too little

ive got pele too, 10 cup goals in 4 games, 31 league goals in about 20 games and he's second in assists behing strike partner rachmane barry, definately top notch, soon i'll have hism taking free kicks but his team work is lakin a little but overall thats a good team

by the way den bosch still unbeaten
only matches i havnt won was game 1 (2 - 2 at home to liverpool) and game 17 (2 - 2 away to milan, pirlo in injury time) and lost 2 - 1 at home to liverpool in the first round of the cup but won 3 - 1 at anfield thanks to pele's 90th minute finish

won 3 - 2 at highbury from 2 - 1 down at half time, beat barce 4 - 0(without ronaldinho) beat real 1 - 0 and won 4 - 1 away to real in the cup next match
won 3 - 0 at man u

beat porto 5 - 0 home and away, psv 5 - 0, monaco 5 - 0, inter 4 - 2 (away) rangers 4 - 0


as normal as norman bates
finnished the league now
1 the league without losing a game, beat real 3 - 1 at the burnabau
beat arsenal in the cup final
real madrid won the wefa championships and man u won the wefa cup
pele had 41 league goals alone, 13 assists

11 cup goals including the winner
i won all the player awards in the cup but henry won the overall best league player even tho pele was top of goals and assists

i have nearly 100000 points after i started with just 5000 in division 2 2seasons ago

gonna sell a few players, i think i'll buy overmars as a backup rmf coz there is no more space for me 2 train youngsters, my whole team is still training


Bombay Shitehawk
I just got promoted to div 1 serie A in season 2.. been winning most of my games but Juventus knocked me out of the cup on away goals.. Del Piero scored a bicycle kick against me in the second leg. The oldest player on the starting 11 is 21.


as normal as norman bates
i havnt looked at the free players yet but im gonna buy cocu as a backup dm coz i dont have 1, lovenkrands and sell castillo, overmars and sell lee chun soo, and im gonna buy another cb, maybe stam and another goal keeper and sell encklman(who always plays shit)
im gonna sell a few more too, shut(trained him a little but his time is over), kim do heon (never use him), castelan (never use him either)


Registered User
I am doing quite well in my second season with my entire starting eleven under 20. I am currently un second place 3 points behind
Man U. Here is my current starting eleven:
------------Baumjohann--------R. Smith---------------
-----------Pique----------Kompany-----------Vanden Borre