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Official ML Stories Thread


as normal as norman bates
great team there, not man u of course

vandenborre is amazing after 3 seasons
cardozo is slightly better than fabregas, dagaka (kaebi) is awesome too, i didnt like ometan so im not sure how good he gets, i use djiba instead coz hes like an 18 year old vieira and he will be better, im not sure about soler i cant remember his stats, smith and baumjohann, top notch

den bosch have just secured the signiture of marc overmars, the 32 year old signed for 13 million pounds (ok 13000 points)

they have also been chasing the signiture of peter lovenkrands who is unhappy at rangers, hofu (cocu) who is looking for football, butt who is out of contract and 17 year old maldini

this could mean that castillo, castelan, lee chun soo and nakata will be shown the door, schut 20 is dissapointed he is not playing after helping den bosch to the secon division title but he did not make an appearance in the division 1 season
(like lamis erports earlier on)


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Ometan has been developing beautifully for me. Hes easily one of my top pplayers. Soler has been a huge dissapointment for me. He's developing very slowly for me. Thinking about letting him go during the next negotiation period unless he starts improving like crazy. Any suggestions for a LMF under 24 years old? I'm looking at Emre from Inter but he costs a lot and I need to buy a new bench because my bench consists of all of the default players. I rather buy three cheap player for the price of one player that I don't how he performs.


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well its been great reading about all your teams,ive not been on this site for a while but i got the bug back the other day.i stopped going on pes4 in january i think and dedicated my time towards gtasa but now thats done ive come back.i have played occasionally at a friends once every couple of weeks but apart from that nothing until last night.the ball & chain had gone out for a few hours so i decided to carry on my ml which i had previously left in the off season where you play warm up games and training.i decided to let the cpu pick the teams i played,i'll try and remember them palmo,hamberg,man u,real m,barca,real sociadad and i cant remember any others i won all of them except man u,and the only team to score past me was real madrids owen even though i won 3-2.first game of new season was against blackburn rovers and i won that 3-0.i think i will carry on with it now but its just tooo easy and even with the default team it was easy as ive won everything there is to win and im only in year 2007.i even have a average age of 20 in the team as i havent got any big time charlies in the squad only the young guns that have been developed.rachmane barry,martin crane,lewis,dagaka or some of my best players.

has anyone else ever just fell out of love with the game like me...all ive wanted to do is take on a human player because its just so much more fun.


as normal as norman bates
ive alwys got atleast 1 master league set up, at the moment i have 3
1 with arsenal but i havnt played for a while
1 with my made up team and im making a quality team and 1 with den bosch against all the best in the game

i have won division 1 in all 3
im in 2007 with arsenal, 2006 with los santos and 2005 off season with den bosch

i missed out on maldini and he went to birmingham but im offering 10000 2 get him

i offered 16000 to lovenkrands ond over 700 points 4 the season but he wont come

only other player i want is hofu, i have butt as my backup keeper now

L . F . C

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My Norwich 6* Team:

Gk - Isacsson
Lb - R.Perez
Cb - Kompany
Cb - Filipescu
Rb - Vanden Borre
Lm - Van Der Vaart
Cm - Fabregas
Cm - M'Bami
Rm - Dagaka
St - Farfan
St - Tevez

Goalkeepers: Green, Bosnich
Defenders : Vignal, Mackay, Van Damme, Finnan
Midfielders : Kallstrom, H.Yakin, Luis Garcia, Hoekstra, Juanfran
Strikers : Bentley, Lezood, Huckerby, McKenzie, Castolo

Im in season 4 and when i finish the season i will do a report, although i will tell you im in week 26 and im unbeaten in the premiership only drawn 3, i went out in the first round of the cup to rangers on away goals and im in the 2nd group stage of the uefa cup which i am top of, also im unbeaten in europe.


as normal as norman bates
i had tevez and i sold him first chace i got, he scored 4 goals in 15 starts, he didnt play that well, i bought carew instead and hes got 4 in 4, i bought a few more people to make the squad better but i keep winning 1 - 0, with a dodgy team, 5 in a row now


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Finally found a site with some katz consistently reporting.
Still UPTOWN TORONTO in ML 4*/25mins/fatigue/injuries. Finished 6th place in the first season, hoping to get promoted this season coming.
On INTL terms we (JAMAICA) are not doing to well in LEAGUE. We are 18th out of 20 spots, (same settings as ML). Report more on both after tonights matches.

L . F . C

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methical said:
i had tevez and i sold him first chace i got, he scored 4 goals in 15 starts, he didnt play that well, i bought carew instead and hes got 4 in 4, i bought a few more people to make the squad better but i keep winning 1 - 0, with a dodgy team, 5 in a row now
My tevez has 16 goals in 27 games, and is the top assister in the league, farfan is top scorer with 23 and henry is 2nd with 19.


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In my new ML I bought Tevez and he's been fantastic! One of my favorite strikers in the game. A suggestion for all your MLs. Buy Hleb from Stuttgart, he is suberb.Just put him in the OMF in a 3-5-2 formation and you have found gold!

Papa Lazarou

Here's a suggestion from me, Papa Lazarou!

Buy players who can play in multiple positions then your squad won't be too large and therefore cheaper


Therefore if injuries or International Duties occur your pretty much screwed for choice. But I see what your getting at Papa.


Knucklehead McSpazatron
And players that can play in multiple positions are more expensive than they are if they can only play in one - even if they had similar stats. So it might not be that much cheaper.


as normal as norman bates
salery will be less than 2 players and i do this alot
i normally have 2 teams in my squad but people who play 2 or 3 roles, kaebi is a rb, dm, rm and cm, not many players have that much positions but players like that are in my teams alot

tevez stats arent too impressive and they dont go up 2 quickly either but some peopel just use him better than i did

as i said i bought carew and he is playing better.


Knucklehead McSpazatron
I have never used Carew but I started with Boca so I had Tevez from the start - he's a useful player but rarely makes the first team now in 2011.


as normal as norman bates
so i finished the season, won the league and cup, finished unbeaten
played all the matches on 5 minutes too so to only draw 6 and win 24 with a team that would have been relegated by the computer is pretty decent, also only scored 41 or 42 goals in the whole season but only conceded 7
real madrid came 3rd and scored 83 or 85 or something

my biggest win was 4 - 0 at home to barce and carew scored a het trick, he was my top scorer on 10
tevez 4
anelka 8
dyson (kezman) 8
kaebi 3 i think
raquel 1
tico 2

something like that and i won the league, haha


as normal as norman bates
cant believe this
i just got martins, raul and flippo inzaghi on free transfers
and adani, volz, munua(golie), di machele on frees
ive got about 13 players listed now but no offers yet

i scored 41 and conceded 8
real scored 89 and conceded 22

and i won 23 not 24


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The first few games i drew, then i started bringing on Radzinski for andy cole because any cole never scored...from then on radzinksi scored in every game and became top scorer at the end of the season with boa morte not too far behind him with 6 goals. Radzinski had 14.I was second in the table and 1 point behind the first team blackburn rovers. Im gonna try and rememeber who i bought in the first transfer, that was Torrado(DMF) , Nakata(OMF), Sutto(CBT), Perez(SB),Rommedahl(WF). All of these transfers were worth it they prooved their worth many times, especially Perez as LB( i could afford these players by selling some others and trades).