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ohhh!!! i nearly scored the greatest goal EVER on pro evo


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has anybody noticed when you do something extraordinary on the new pes it doesnt come off? eg i was having a world cup as france and i crossed the ball backwards, about 25 yards out in fact, there was henry, he then unleased an immense overhead, power, dip, swerve the lot and it cracked the bar, another one, every player on my team had exchanged passes, whipped ball into the box rumminegger on an up volley from 5 yards at the post.

maybe its just me but everytime i seem to do something brilliant its always "i almost scored this superb goal"

anyone else have this?


It often happens to me too.
Today hit the crossbar twice while doing volley out side the box.
Another time, i think last night, also hit the bar twice while taking a free kick from 35 yards.


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i scored a free kick today from 40 yards out it hit the post i fort it wasnt goin it but sly'd in at the post


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I had 2 games in a row last night where in each game i did a diving header from the edge of the box and both hit the bar


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I had one with Miguel for Valencia CF, i pushed the defence up for a corner but Miguel lurked and stayed just a few yards away from the half way line with no defenders around. I thought im gonna float a corner to him and try and catch it first time, so i took the corner well and it landed right at his right peg at half volley from 50 yards out. It was a weird volley, because he turned his body and pushed through the ball in mid air, he caught it flush, curled right back in towards goal, traveled all over the watching defenders and smacks the top corner of the right hand side post. Nearly a legendary PES goal.......

I dreamed of it going in.......