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[OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?



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:shifty: to go.

to return.

I concur


If you click the number of replies next to The Name of the thread it comes up with a table and tells you who has posted in that thread and how many times they have done so.
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There's Report Abuse option on the right side of your "Online/Offline" icon.


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How about letting me ban/book people? Pique called me a twat and I need to take action. >_<

Then you'd basically be an admin, God (not of the Jin variety) forbid that ever happening. Besides, Pique is already banned.


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by helping people like me whos needs to do something whos having a bad time so listen to this

PES6 - I Need Help Or Else


I've made a chelsea 2000-01 squad and I acciendtially deleted Eidur Gudjohnsen. Could someone post stats, hair, what he looks like etc. I also need that for older players like Jesper Gronkjaer, emerson thome, Pannuci, ambrosetti, Most importantly I need they way they look. And you've Eidur Gudjohnsens details, way he looks right in front of you on pes6 and some details for older players.

Please I really need this you don't know how much so can you just have a quick look on pes 6 to see how gudjohnsen looks like and some older pes games to see what the other players look like.

please, please, pleeeeeeeeease. Don't ignore this thread and move on help me and I'll add it to youre rep.


I've PM'd Hitman as I used to be able to get the server people to reboot the server but the option has disappeared. To that end, we'll be waiting for him or Matt Holme to sort this out - unless it somehow works through the mess it has gotten itself into.


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Thought I was the only one who had a major slowdown. The main page loads quickly but then I click either Forum or New Posts and it is as slow as a snail with clogs.