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Option File 2013/2014

FC Nürnberg

Registered User
Option File 2013/2014 (50 new emblems) + Official BPL 20 Seasons Awards and more...

What is it that brings this OF:

- New kits (2013/2014)
- All new transfers (2013/2014)
- Correct faces
- Correct heights
- Correct ages
- Correct emblems
- Correct players stats
- Correct league names
- 50 new emblems
- BIH National team (new kits, players) + England National team (new kits, players)
- Classic Manchester United, Everton, 1. FC Nürnberg (All Classic) + VfL Wolfsburg 2008/2009 (Bundesliga title) and 1. FC Nürnberg 2006/2007 (Dfb Pokal)
- Official (Team) BPL 20 Seasons Awards

Next release date: March 2014
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FC Nürnberg

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Nothing... about Rio Ferdinand height... in original pes 6 of and all others of Rio height is 189, but on the oficial mu website... 195.5, so i'm not sure what is his height exactly... so now is 195.


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Do you have any more details about the file? There isn't much to go on. Could you perhaps update the first post with a full list of what option file contains? New kits for what? which leagues? etc etc. Cheers.

FC Nürnberg

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New kits are mostly in Premier League, but also have some other stronger teams in other leagues... R. Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan... some in Bundesliga... i don't want to do kits for all teams because i want first to know are you satisfied with Premier League kits, players, statistics... i must say, i replace all old emblems for all teams, and that is hard job.

FC Nürnberg

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Added new players in Aston Villa, Everton... correct hair for Rooney, Lambert, Guzan, J. McCarthy... Added emblem on BIH National Team kit (flag stay), added Lallana, Rodrigez, Gibbs, K. Walker and Lambert to England N.T. Aston Villa numbers changed and England (numbers and players from last game against Germany). Corrected Man. Utd. away kit... previous color was wrong etc... Link in first post...

FC Nürnberg

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Changed kits for teams: Tottenham Hotspur F.C., AS Saint-Étienne, Real Madrid (away), Atlético Madrid. Players statistics changed in teams: AS Saint-Étienne, Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona... Correct hair for Phil Jones, Diego Costa, De Gea, Zouma, Rio Ferdinand... Link in first post.


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Hallo,FC Nürnberg

Da ich davon ausgehe das du Deutsch bist wegn dein User Name....
Werde ich dir jetzt mein Feedback auf Deutsch schreiben... :)

Also ich hab dein OF getestet und mir sind einige Fehler zu gesicht bekommen...
1.Ist z.B bei Frankfurt noch das Kaiserslautern Trikot...
und viele Transfers waren völlig Falsch in der Bundesliga...! bis auf Nürnberg .. :)
Und es Fehlen auch viele Spieler!
Und was mir noch aufgefallen ist, das Herrmann (Gladbach) Schwarz ist.
Also ich weiß das,das alles sehr viel Arbeit..aber die Bundesliga ist zu 90% Falsch.!

Also ich würde mal sagen das ist insgesamt wohl ein Gutes OF für Spanier,Engländer ect... aber für Deutsche nicht so... Leider :(

Mfg NaXiioN

FC Nürnberg

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I know. Bundesliga, with FULL transfers will be in March 2014, because i want to wait to finnish winter transfers. I need to say that this is the ONLY option file with more than 50 emblems replaced, so now more than 150 clubs, all have real emblems.


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Maybe we can form a team? I'll help you in the OF ....
I would always make the German League ... Transfers, jersey and another :)
Tell me about it if you're interested.


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New Bundesliga Update! new jerseys and transfers ...
here are a few pictures!