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Other European Leagues 2015/16 to 2017/18


Great stuff, I didn't think you'd be arsed to write such a lengthy reply.

Looking at what you wrote I can't help but place us (Portugal) a little closer to you in terms of future achievements.

Bernardo Silva vs Gabbiadini

Anthony Lopes vs Perin

José Sá vs Leali/Scuffet (bit of a stretch here)

Nelson Oliveira vs Destro

Rafa vs Insigne (another stretch in terms of quality)

Danilo vs Verratti (different styles)

Paulo Oliveira vs Alessio

Semedo vs Zappacosta

Bruma vs Berardi

maybe Iuri Medeiros (great game he had against us!) or Diogo Jota (sad we didn't go for him, exactly what we're missing. Incredible goal vs Benfica this week (clicky)) vs Saponara

But then we have André Gomes, João Mário, Neves, Renato, Danilo, Rony Lopes, Cancelo, Vezo... Our midfield is great, our defence is meh, our attack can be great but without centre forwards we won't get far.


3-3 :crymore:

I thought the game was later :<

That's a great point in the grand scheme of the season but having been 3-0 up it is disappointing not to get a win.


Serie A will use VAR next season :megaevilsweey2:

Also, so far this season:

La Liga: 2.878 goals per game (947 in 329)

Serie A: 2.867 (946 in 330)

Premier League: 2.815 (926 in 329)

*Bundesliga: 2.804 (757 in 270)

Ligue 1: 2.589 (875 in 338)

*Primera Liga (Portugal): 2.315 (625 in 270)

*18-team divisions



Serie A: 2.96 goals per game (1,123 in 380)
La Liga: 2.94 (1,118 in 380)
*Bundesliga: 2.87 (877 in 306)
Premier League: 2.8 (1,064 in 380)
Ligue 1: 2.61 (991 in 380)

*18-team division



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I've really enjoyed Serie A this season, Lazio in particular have had been involved in some incredible games. This season it felt to me that the Premier League had the best managers, La Liga the best players, Bundesliga the best atmospheres and Serie A the most entertaining league by some distance


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Wolves closing in on Ruben Neves. Please explain this to me, rebelinho.