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pain in the arse

Ross Bhoy

Registered User
2 games in a row the other player has pulled the plug, its so annoying just cos u go a few goals up they quit out. just tough it out ffs i did when i wasnt great at the game u just do ur best and ull improve. anyone else experience a lot of this?


Registered User
well i cant play online but i hate it when im playin my brother and he quits coz im kicking his ass like 3-0 b4 half time. he always just walks away so i just rub it in his face that he sucks.


Registered User
I've got 17-3-2 record so far and only got one disconnect. That was my fault though I turned off my ps2 because it was making a very unhealy sound.

I've never realy been stuffed by loads of goals. Don't think i've lost by more than 1 goal so far. But on pes5 online if I was ever getting my ass kicked I never turned off ps2. But others did.


Registered User
Yeah ive noticed this more and more recently!! Winning 3-0 against somebody today and they fouled me in the box 30mins from time, then suddenly "you have lost your connection with the player" hmmmmmm

Think people forget its only a game!!