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[PC][OF] Players repository


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I am looking for original option files from PES2008 to PES2012. Could you share some of them, please?

I am trying to build a player repository with all players from PES6 to PES2015 where the data can be imported to PES2015.

I only have the PES6, PES2013, PES2014 and PES2015 until now.

I was not able to find the other in the internet. Just "patcheds".

(I'm not sure if it is the right subforum)


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So, i used options files from the following versions:
  • PES 6
  • PES 2008
  • PES 2009
  • PES 2010
  • PES 2011
  • PES 2012
  • PES 2013
  • PES 2015

Some of them was not really the originals ones.

As you may note, PES 2014 is not in the list. Though i have an option file of this version, i found no tool to export the data.

I merged all the data in one single CSV file and spend some time eliminating duplicates using algorithms. It is not feasible to do that manually.

There are some problems in the final result, but it is good enough for me. I am sharing the file through the link below. Hope someone else can find it useful.


And thanks to Schitzophonic once more.


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Sounds great! How do we make use of the data?

I am going to use the PesGambiarra presented in this linked thread.

I tryed to make the data in the spreadsheet accordingly to that tool, but i did not try to import it yet.

Here is my step-by-step plan:
  1. Filter the given spreadsheet. Only some selected players will remain in it.
  2. Create dummy players in the game (fill all the empty slots).
  3. Use PesGambiarra to export the game data to a spreadsheet.
  4. Replace the dummy players data in this spreadsheet by some players data in former spreadsheet (copy and past).