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PC Troubleshooting Thread (PES 2009 FULL GAME ONLY)


Patch 1.1

Patch 1.2

Patch Notes

Implementing this update will fix the following problems:

* Problems that affected the game in various game modes when played in a resolution higher than 1280*720. Once implemented, the game can be played in higher resolutions than the one previosly without the same problems.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be informed that by implementing the patch, the save file you created in advance for ""Become a Legend"", ""Champions League"", ""League / Cup"" and ""Master League"" modes may become unusable.

Finally, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences and confusion caused.

Become A Legend crash issues

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 both suffer from regular crashes in Become A Legend mode despite patch 1.1 being released to fix such issues. The following steps are suggested to prevent the crashes from affecting your game:

-Do not use the auto-save feature
-Play using a resolutiion of 1280x800 or less
-Rotate save game slots so that you will only have to replay one match if the game crashes.


Registered User
Become a legend always crashes on week 10. Played twice there now..

Oh and cant join any online rooms.. firewall and ports and all is set up correctly.


Registered User
I'll just pitch in about the BAL bug. My mate 'acquired' the game last night, and his crashes, whereas my room mate got a legit copy today from the local store and there has been no such crash...


Registered User
Grrr.. well mine is a genuine copy.. registered with konami, all seems ok the manual, case and disc look all 100% legitimate.. and i trust my local gamestore.. so it must be some sort of bug with the game.


Registered User
Same problem here, not just with be a legend...
I can play any cup/tournament for a few games, but then, there's a crash, and every time I reload saved game, it crashes at the exactly same point (one save game at the menu, the other is when starting the game).


Registered User
same problem here, the game crashes at week ten, reinstalling doesnt work.

i want my money back.

Seabass u r a FIFA fan i think... all is horrible, u r like the Argentina Team, they seem to be great but on the field they s*ck
:realmad:, always promesing...

i want my money back.


Registered User
Heres a solution to the problem where you cant join any rooms. (worked for me)
Disabling any extra network connections from control panel. (in my case hamachi network)


Registered User
Argh, now my Champions league save went fubared. :(



Registered User
thought the update wasnt until tomorow

edit: my bad just saw the other thread about an update today


Registered User
Aaah update, need to get it now and test.

EDIT:No pc update then.. so basically ive got a game that has 2 new gamemodes.. neither of those work.. and online game that is laggy and horrible as its always been with PES.. grrrr..

oh yeah the pc specs.

Windows XP
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Asus Maximus Formula
Ocz ddr2 2x2GB Pc2-6400 Reaper
Leadtek Geforce 9600gt 512
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

I might go as crazy that i install it for Vista also and see if it helps.. but i really really really dislike Vista and almost never boot to it.


If my retail copy of the game has arrived when I get home, I'll run some tests on the Become A Legend week 10 issue.

I'll certainly do it on the weekend if everyone is still stuck and I don't get it until then.