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PC Version vs Console Version - Is PC Easier?


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OK, so as well as playing a lot of BaL myself, I like to watch vids that other people have uploaded to YouTube, showing their BaL progress. One thing I've noticed, is that when watching the vids that people have uploaded from the PC version of PES 2012, alleging they're playing on Superstar level, they seem to absolutely dominate on it.

1. Teammate AI seems to actually be tuned-in to attacking movements, playing the right passes at the right times, and creating space, instead of running square into defenders, and wasting possession

2. There seems to be a lot more space in, and around the penalty area, giving more opportunity for shots on goal and passes/crosses into the box

3. Players seem to be able to run games with their Legend, even when their OVR rating is still down in the 60's, walking round 2-3 defenders, and scoring 50+ goals in their first few seasons, even when playing for poor teams

However, when I play BaL on PS3 on Professional, Top Player or Superstar, I struggle to impose myself on matches, even when my OVR rating is in the mid-70's and higher. Along with this, my AI teammates are all over the place, defending badly, and passing even worse, and there's hardly any space to exploit due to rock-solid opposition defences who cut out nearly everything you throw at them. This makes me wonder if the PC version is easier, or possibly better, depending on how you look at it?

If it was just me struggling to do things with my BaL player, I would assume that it was probably just me trying to make excuses for being crap, but that wouldn't explain the difference in teammate AI abilities, or the apparent openness of the games. So...

1. Is the PC version easier somehow?

2. Is there some kind of patch for the PC version that makes the gameplay more balanced?

3. Are the YouTube vid uploaders exaggerating the difficulty level they're playing on?

Does anyone know if there is a difference in the gameplay/difficulty, as when I watch the PC version being played, it looks like the game that I want my PS3 BaL playthrough to be, but isn't even close to?


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I notice all this to the PC version seems alot better and fun to play compared to what i play on the ps3 things for me seem a struggle at times and im a 95 rating, ive actually had to put the difficulty down to professional not for it to be easier but for a more realistic experience i find top player just annoying now teams just being amazing and my player can struggle against the lower teams and players, and it seems like there's more individuality with players on professional.

But i think there could be a patch for pc like pes edit or something i think you can edit pretty much anything on the pc so it could well be different.


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The PC version has a number of gameplay enhancing patches. I'd say that's one of the primary reasons. Also, it's easier to record and edit PC footage than it is console footage.