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internacional 79 home

internacional 79 home

Argentina 94 (gk)

Portugal 04 (home, away)

Denmark 86 (home, away, gk)

Argentina 99 (home, away, gk)

Internazionale Milano 91 (home, away)

Bayer Leverkusen 96 (home, away)

Internazionale Milano 96 (home, away)

Spain 96 (home)

FC Barcelona 92 (euro)

FC Barcelona 93 (gk)

FC Barcelona 94 (away)

FC Barcelona 96 (away)

Arsenal FC 04 (home, away)

Boca Juniors 98 (home)

Borussia Dortmund 05 (home)

FC Barcelona 94 (home)

FC Barcelona 96 (third)

Juventus 03 (gk)

Liverpool FC 99 (gk)

Spain 2000 (home)

Werder Bremen 92 (home)

Werder Bremen 97 (home, away)

Liverpool FC 96 (gk)

Manchester United 95 (gk home, gk away)

Portugal 96 (home, away)

AS Roma 2000 (home)

Ajax 70 (home)

Ajax 96 (away)

Girondins de Bordeuax 96 (home, away, gk)

FC Bayern München 05 (home, away, gk1, gk2)

Borussia Dortmund 98 (home, away)

FC Oporto 08 (home, away)

Juventus 97 (home, away)

Ajax 95 (away)

AS Monaco 96 (home)