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PES 2010 PK's

King of Lyon

Registered User
I've taken quite a few and still haven't been able to master it.
First PK of the game, konami suggests to point with the dpad for direction and press (and hold) shoot button for power. OK

I did so and either I blew it over the goal or nailed the top post. I tried pointing with the analog stick and sometimes it went out our even the opposite way :erm:

How bout you lot?


Registered User
i heard about this but i havnt played the demo yet or seen a video, but i do know that everybody is having the same problem as you


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dont get me started with with the PK's its just the tip of the iceburg, i played fifa10 demo the pk's was gr8 played pes10 i just shuck my head with dissapointment, ive bought pes all the way but this year im going to the dark side with fifa


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i never got awarded a penalty yet in PES10... =[, anyone have a vid?

PES 10 > FIFA 10 btw. i preferred fifa 08 and 09, but this year pes wins


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about PK ... i hate it ... is camera angle is not good ever.

why they changed the default PK for all games. if you a kicker you must see the goal from forward

if you a goalkeeper you see the kicker or the goal from backward

i think that those camera angles are the best to play a PK

anyway hope to get the PK back to be playable ......


Registered User
not had a pentaly yet and i even had a draw and the games just ends no shootouts but looking at that vid of the pen its shocking how someone can miss that bad


Registered User
My first ended up in the stands, wasnt pleased. So i put my next one down the middle and played it safe. Needs sorting out.


Registered User
I've only had one with Messi and planted it right in the top left corner.... Don't ask me how I did it though as I still don't know :blush:


Registered User
i had a penalty and the keeper saved it!! please sort this out konami as if i we cant score penalties then the games useless maybe they should add a feature that tells you what way the goalies going to dive so you can go the other way?


Registered User
The penalties are an absolute shambles, to say the least. I've had two, maybe three, and each has sailed well wide of the target.

The system for taking penalties is flawed, not to mention that the prompt explaining how to take penalties does not seem to correspond to what actually takes place. Something about holding the d-pad to determine direction, and holding square to determinate the power. Sounds easy enough. So I decide to hold left on the d-pad and then take a second to consider how much power I should choose, and then the damn penalty is sent sailing wide before I have even touched square. So on my next penalty I press both right on the d-pad and square at the same time, holding for the same duration (which wasn't overly long) and, again, the ball sails wide of the target by a disasterous margin.


Registered User
I only have tooken one penalty, from which i did 2 player to get it.
I like the idea of being able to move the keeper and make him wave his hands, but i dont like the camera angle or the sensitiviy of the pk's. My one went out wide for a goal kick and i only tapped it :/


Registered User
Aint had any chances to take a PK on PES2010 yet but it sounds a bit over sensitive..and therefore rock hard and it obviously shouldnt be that hard. Im also a bit worried about this problem with the camera angle although i have no idea how that comes about and havent experienced it. However ive had quite a few penalty shootouts on Fifa10 and found them to be smoothly done but way too easy to consistantly get on target.

From what i gather then...
PES2010 PK's - Too hard
Fifa10 PK's - Too easy

It may initially sound odd in a way, but if thats the case id prefer PES's system as it seems like something to learn and attempt to master, where as Fifa's system can be virtually mastered within about 3 PK's from my experience with its system on the demo.


Registered User
when you shoot at goal from open play the camera angle is the same as pk in demo so whats diffrent? youll get used to it, move on...