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PES 2010 Poll

PES 2010

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Calcio Agriculturus
I voted very average. I do really like the game but as an all round package it's still not as good as last-gen PES.


Registered User
sometimes when i play im thinking about pes 6 saying is this better or worse. There is something since the games been on next gen it hasnt been right it feels like it doesnt flow right or u can predict what will happan,like i said before about the defenders backing off when i have rooney on the ball if i take a shot from 25 yards out then i usualy score, maybe its the keepers that dont try as much.

Basicly if i take a shot from outside the box on pes 6 i dont know if it will go in with rooney anyway.


Registered User
^But in pes 10 it's the same. I don't know when I am gonna score.
But overall pes has really improved over the last version. It's getting closer and closer to the pes we know. Pes 10 reaches that point at times but at some other times, it doesn't quite do it. But still I am happy with the game. BAL AND ML are too awesome this year aswell. They are really improved especially ML.


Registered User
yeah i agree the game is good and ill play it. maybe its the such good graphics and the old animations and player models that look bigger to last gen.

nick nack

Registered User
It`s decent but still has some pretty bad flaws ie bad refs and keepers,and when played on higher difficulty settings the com teams play like brazil yet hardly have any attempts on goal.Dribbling disappoints me also especially on the higher settings.


Registered User
I went into edit mode and changed the tactics for all the teams in my league and it seemed to work. Set the assist settings to offensive and form change which changes their formation depending on the situation. I couldnt tell wether they fully work as i only played 1 match against Xerez but they seemed very offensive throwing their whole team forward. Defo worth trying


Registered User
There are still quite a lot of people to vote on this poll. It's preferrable to the other as we can see who votes on this, and there is an "Average" option as opposed to just "Hit" or "Miss".


Registered User
HIT there is great depth to gameplay but you do have to put a few hours in to feel it. Def as good as PES 5/6 if not better.


Registered User
I think its average. But with the great online gameplay on PC its GREAT. Really fun to play.