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PES 2011 PSD Stats + 7 full leagues


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The Patch consists of the following leagues (playable in Exhibition Mode or ML) with promoted/relegated teams as well (currently having some difficulties with Copa Libertadores as it has some crash issues or the game not running):

- English Premier League --> 100% kits, 80% emblems (read down), 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats --> Fully Completed
- Spanish La Liga --> 100% kits, 80% emblems (read down), 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats --> Fully Completed
- German Bundesliga --> 100% kits, 100% emblems, 100% promoted/relegated teams 60% PSD Stats
- Italian Serie A -->100% kits, 95% emblems, 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats --> Fully Completed
- French Ligue 1 --> 100% kits, 100% emblems, 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats --> Fully Completed
- Dutch Eredivisie --> 100% kits, 100% emblems
- Portuguese Liga Zon Sagres --> 100% kits, 100% emblems
- Copa Libertadores --> read up
- Dinamo & Hajduk --> 100% kits, 100% emblems, 100% PSD Stats (what can i say except, I'm Croatian :) )
- And all 32 World Cup teams.

And also 80% of the National Teams are currently up-to-date with current kits and formations and with a 80% correct squad roster.

For the BETA version i haven't bothered with the transfers, but in the Final version they'll be 100% complete, the current version consists of the January Winter Roster.

I won't put much effort into aesthetics as i don't see them necessary and they don't improve general gameplay, but if someone exclusively wants to do them i won't be against it.

Currently this is just a BETA version and you can expect a full version by the end of the coming month.

P.S. --> as i have created 7 leagues, there isn't enough space for all of the emblems so i had to remove a few from the game and those are:

- Sunderland
- Newcastle
- Stoke
- Bolton

- Malaga
- Real Sociedad
- Levante
- Osasuna

- Palermo

If you have any wishes in regard to changing the missing emblems feel free to express you opinion.


Current Version:

BETA v3 75% Completed

Previous Versions:

If you don't know how to transfer OF's from your PC to PS2 read this:

Supported option file types are:
1. max (AR MAX V3)
2. xps (X-Port 2)
3. npo (NPort)
4. p2m (Xploder 4 Pro)
5. pws (AR MAX Power Save)
6. xpo (X-Port 1)
7. md (SharkPort)
8. spo (SharkPort 1)
9. sps (SharkPort 2)
10. psu (Memory Linker)
11. cbs (Code Breaker Saves)

Tools you need

Start with downloading these 3 programs: (Click on them to download)
PS2 Save Builder

Extract them into a folder to proceed to the next step.

Conversion Process:

1. Open PS2 Save Builder. Click on File > Open (or the folder icon) to locate and open your option file. Then click File > Save as (or the save icon), choose .npo from the "Save as type" drop down list. Click Save.

2. Create a file with notepad and copy paste the following:

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\PS2MENU.ELF;1
VER = 1.10

Save it as SYSTEM.CNF.
Note: VMODE can be PAL or NTSC.

3. Open CDGENPS2. Drag and drop the files in this order:
CDGENPS2 (This is already there no need to be dragged)
SYSTEM.CNF (File created in step 2)
PS2MENU.ELF (Find it in PS2Menu folder which you extracted earlier)
BESLES-54203PES6OPT.npo (This is your saved option file from step 1 in .npo format)
Here's how it should look like:

Now Click on the "IMG" icon on the left, type in whatever name you would want to call this option file and save. Make sure it is saved in .bin format.
Note: When you save to .bin format, .cue file is automatically created with it.

4. Open Nero, Alcohol 120% or whatever burning program you got. Personally i use Alcohol 120%. Click on Image burning wizard, choose your image you saved from step 3, the .cue file, and burn away.


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thanky you,

as i said this is just a beta-preview version which is only half done, i expect to finish my work around the start of august where all of the 7 leagues will have full PSD stats along with the majority on NT's done correctly.