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PES 2012 SMoKE Patch


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Fantastic patch. Thanks!

I have the 4.6.1 update and noticed the Europass Euro 2008 ball, the one available to buy from the extras, is missing. It does come up sometimes though, if I choose to play with a random ball.

It's my favourite ball... Do you guys have any idea on how to make it available?

Thanks again.
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Boro = Middlesboro... which is probably enough to explain the grey faces, being that it's always grey and smoggy down there hehe, sorry couldn't resist that one.


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Tell me friend,is it possible to request PS button icons (X,[],O..) in game instead of stupid xbox (A,B,Y..)?

OK i have found buttons from here:
but something isn't right or compatible with your patch?
game crashes when i put them in img folder
Please advise?

i have fixed the problem.
.bins were heaving completely wrong id's and did not match pes bins
matched and corrected all bin id's and its working good now.

Thank you for your patch.

if someone needs posted it here:


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some tweaks

Hi Dido,

Amazing patch youve made. just noticed the following when playing/editing

1. When selecting the new Adidas Predators (forgot the name, but its the White ones with orange in the bottom left corner. the game crashes)
2. the sky at anfield and also the camera on replays
3. the referees kit when playing with liverpool is also red/ Anyway you can change this?

Thank you

And again, keep up the amazing work


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Hi sorry to ask, but could someone give me a blank UNIFORM001.bin ie, no strip created ingame as I need it to compair to an Xbox one to find the byte swaps.

I don't want to have to download the game (already own the Xbox one) just to create 1 file.

Thank you.


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Broke my game the latest patch, crashed when scrolling players names, crashed when I started a game. Had to uninstall it and just use normal patch.