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PES 2013... My Thoughts Of It Online! (VERY HONEST)


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I have had it with this game!!

Before anyone calls me a "PES Hater"... Hear me out. I've been a major and loyal fan of the ISS/PES series... even still have my original copy of ISS on SNES from 1994/95. I bought the game through its evolution on the N64, and the ground-breaking ISS Pro Evo 2.

Fast forward to this day... PES 2013... WHAT IS THIS?

Whilst PES 2012 was the epitome of going "1 step forward...3 steps back" this game is the epitome of going "NO STEPS FORWARD... and a million strides back". Honestly, what the f**K??!

First off, why does Konami think it is ok to make us get use to a particular format for years and then all of a sudden decide to change it?

I couldn't even find modes when I got this game, it's ridiculous. And then next is the transfers... Why the hell is Cazorla not in the squad even though Ibrahimovic is in the PSG squad (keep in mind that Ibrahimovic moved just under a month after Cazorla)... GREAT I have to wait for a first update.

Now I'm going to go to my favorite part of this rant. ONLINE MODE!

Seriously; there are only 2 types of people who enjoy playing this game... Fans of Messi & fans of Ronaldo. The past games before, I was able to cope with them USING ARSENAL... (and before anyone says anything about changing team... Over the last 3 PES, I have won 10 Online Trophies with Arsenal playing the RIGHT WAY)... For crying out loud they even have a commentary lines specifically for them.

I like to play realistically, and I could stand that 90% of the people I play will abuse the stats of certain players... running around my team with them and not only am I not able to ever tackle these players (Cos Jon Murphy, after 10 years, decided to take away the pressure button being the same as the tackle button... now you have to press "X" twice as opposed to the person running just holding "R1"...) but I can't even out pass my opponents... Why?? Cos the passing is TERRIBLE!... Its like they made the defenders a magnet to the ball... I have had this game for 6 days and I SWEAR TO GOD... If I could put a pound to the amount of times I've tried to play the ball to an OPEN player and the defender who looks no where near the ball ends up with it... I could buy all the PES that have been sold so far (keep in mind... it's probably only 130). However, all the balls that go through are only done when they are (and I'm not kidding here)... OFFSIDE.

Another stupid thing is, how comes everytime the ball is passed through and I can clearly intercept it; it slowly goes through my players legs??? Talk about "defenders being more clever"... I'm starting to think that the only defenders that are more clever in this game are that of Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, & Manchester City.

And let's talk about how SLOW to react players are... or first time shots... or getting the ball out of your feet are all myths in this game.

You cannot even run past players in this... so what do people do... they just stand still cos the defenders in real life just stand there when a player runs at them.

This game has also CLEARLY never heard of ONE TOUCH passing... and EVERYONE on this Arsenal team has a touch of a brick wall. What is up with that?

Also, what is up with, conceding straight after scoring..? people still doing the same tricks as 3 PES ago.. COME ON KONAMI! Work it out...

The goal kicks aswell... gosh... it should be a simple kick to a player but NOOOOO... PES wants to make it rocket science and have opposing players come closer.

Possibly the biggest shocker of all... is this assisted controller thing... I couldn't believe my eyes after seeing 3-1 lead change to a 4-5 loss cause of arrows on the floor... you have to be kidding me!!!!!

So I finish the game and want to see the people who just beat me... (maybe PES will still have their "last 20 matches") but wait... I can't find it... WTF?? WHY???!

Again, no logic or explanation to this but what I do get after the game is Bananas for which I'm never gonna use. -___-

And to top it all off... let's be honest, a deaf guy could choose a better and a more meaningful soundtrack than who ever did this.

I have had enough of this game, it lacks logic, where I started slow in the last PES but always felt that there was a chance I could adapt and I did... this game... I have no confidence in. It really is a shocker.

I am sick to death of Konami, Jon Murphy or Sybass... whatever their names are, being very oblivious to reality... for crying out loud... last game, they gave the most AWFUL stats to players... and this game is just wow.

I give myself 2 days before I burn this disc... I will not be going to FIFA cause PES is for real football lovers but you have to sort this out man. You guys should always remember the term "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...

I've been loyal than most and always defend this game; I love it really and I feel its the best way for one to show their knowledge in the game but this game, requires no passion or knowledge... put it this way... If you Choose Arsenal (with 100 years experience)... you can loose convincingly to players who pick Barca or Madrid (with a MINUTE experience)... Imagine Street Fighter was like... "you have 90% chance of winning by picking Ken or Ryu" how much sense does that make... It is just completely for scrubs and infact... that is exactly what sums up this game... Scrub-Friendly game...

Please sort it out,



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For me its the best of all PES on this hardware/programming generation and 90% of what you say I can understand but I helped myself and found out there is a solution to 85% of it. Just rage and then reinvent your behaviours, it can work


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Personally I think the through balls are way overpowered, you can do through balls from deep in your own half and still get your striker through on goal, no matter how slow he is.

Online feels more like luck this time, not dependant on actual skill.


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What online settings are you using. I play with 0 pass support. And no assists for everything else and manual shooting. I feel passing is good and gets to the person or area I intended.


The soundtrack is both awful and annoying. It's like they chose the songs just to add the finishing touch to piss you off and break the game after experiencing all of the frustrating aspects of pes13.

I agree with a lot of the other points you made. It's like there is hardly much intelligence or common sense within the game play and modes.


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I'm just glad that people agree with me... I'm just fed up of being angry over this game... I've broken over 6 control pads over the PES games starting from 2011... And seeing as this game is on that challenges people's temper levels... I would more than RESPECT Jon Murphy if this game had a special control pad that came with it... that doesn't break soo easily after getting smashed cause I feel by the end of the season, 6 control pads is going to turn into 60!


Just remember it's a game. I'm not trying to patronise you by saying that but when you play online, it's easy to get wound up and become emotionally involved in what's happening but you got to distance yourself from it and just play until you progress where you want to go.

I use to get really angry with playing mlo but I ask myself what I'm getting angry at? Yes it's frustrating because you start off with shit players and you get lined up against superstar teams but sooner or later your team will improve and will be on a level playing field. And of course nothing happens to you if you lose to someone unknown online except a small dent in your ego.

I've now manage saved up up to 50 million and lost a load of matches but I'm just focusing on getting the funds to improve my team in the long haul rather than getting fixated with winning games and playing well for the moment. If I was getting angry screaming at the screen and throwing joypads around I wouldn't have the patience to get so far.


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It looks like there is a magic thing that we called barca-fraud. Just a bit more lucky then the other teams :-(


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What I can't understand is why they've removed the ranking lobby.
So now, you've just got to pray that you don't face anyone from somewhere like the far East when you choose quick match becauae it always results in button lag, and for a game where response is everything it's bloody awful.

Removing the chat box is bad because there's now no way to communicate through the game and the chatbox in the friendly matches is shit because you don't know if anyone's sent you a message.

I can't believe they've improved the forward movement so much but made defending so bad combined with them ridiculous through balls:facepalm:

The worst thing about online though is the rush players, or should I say the 99%, who just constantly hit it to Ronaldo etc or aimlessly hit it forward . If you haven't got good defenders you are most probably going to concede eventually.
I score such a wide variety of goals because I play slow passing game but the goals that I concede are nearly always a fast player getting onto a through ball. I swear to God nearly every goal Ronaldo scores is identical, his goals are always smashed perfectly into the corner.

I've played well over 50 games now online and think I've played one match where my opponent played some decent football in ranking matches.
Passing is brilliant in this game. I use 2 bars assist (0 you stand no chance online) but when I tried to find someone with the same pass assist, I couldn't find a match. Everyone just uses full assist where it takes no thought at all, I've tried using that pass assist and it's so dull and rigid.
Konami in the last two years have made it friendlier to newcomers and more of an arcade game with this awful assisted passing.