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PES 2013 wish list


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U Should also add d ability to create/edit team's managers. and they appear in game and also the ability to order players to warm up before they r put in so they'll b more pumped when they come on

Agree. At this moment ,all managers wear default suit.
i) There should be other outfits like overcoats, team jackets, shirt and tie etc for managers.
ii) We should be able to edit their physic and facial appearance as well.

Agree. Player warm-ups are already present in the game, but only in free training sessions. They forgot to put it in real matches.
i) When we pause the ongoing game (ball is in play) and substitute players, till the ball is out of play and sub happen, player should appear doing warmups (as in free training) .


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This is what I have always wanted for the sidelines and dugouts. I agree with danny2cul and Asapien. I do remember playing old baseball games, and if one wanted to bring in a new pitcher you would have to send him to the bullpen to warm up and couldn't bring him in to the game until he was ready. It would be nice to tell certain players to warm up and see them jogging and stretching along the touch line or end line. I have also always wanted to see my actual squad on the bench like it is in basketball games. And in Master League offline we can edit our coaching avitar, why not have an editable coach for each squad? I think these three things would add more visual realism and a better game day atmosphere to the game.


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Cut Scenes

Training Cut scenes are nice, but other cutscenes ,they are repetitive in terms of :

i) texts used in conversations. It is not difficult change to have 30 or more combination of sentence and show them in random for a dialog. Currently, no matter what club you join or which agent to work with , dialogs are all same. They need to be dynamic. Each agent or manager or chairman could have particular personality... and it is not difficult as there are no sounds used in dialogs.. just subtitles!!

ii) background and camera angle. The backgrounds of office or locker room or agent backstage are static. for every club same office, same locker room, same backstage...We need the theme of the office and locker room and backstage to be changed according to the club and logos of clubs ..just like the training kits...


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Click on this link to view the picture showing different sun positions
Good ideas.


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people music and font blah blah is not about the game!
heres some suggestions and ideas i have that would really improve the game this year and hopefully KONAMI will pick up these with the following years and help them improve! and not to forget lets support KONAMI and help them do good ones that would make PES the best game ever. with my suggestions and ideas i hold all your wishes in PES trust me this is what everyone would wish for!

1-Bring back budesliga and all unlicensed teams and licensed the english teams.
2-Make managers visible during match.
3-you can see the supporters during match/chanting and show crowd in intro and during match, and improve crowed animation.
4-creat team adboards or make official ones for teams.
5-long shorts for goal keepers and better reaction.
6-bring back neck wormers and add tattoos.
7-improve game play and player animation.
8-bring back weather selection/snow/rain/summer/winter etc.
9-players getting dirty in game.
10-bring back substitution cutscene back.
11-players warming up during match including BAL.
12-better running and shooting and add styles when shooting not just the ones!!!
13-change panalty shoot it sucks.
14-better score boards with different styles.
15-we want award cutscenes like in real life when winning titles.
16-add more boots and boot creator/editor like changing the colors of the boots to have our own boots!
17-add real licensed kit templates for team creation, and bring back team creation.
18-add more leagues and the missing ones.
improve player faces and stats and when creating a player we need more options with the face. add more real players hair and change the old ones cause we've seen it in PES 2011 AND 2010 over and over!
19-add arabic commentary like in FIFA 12 like RAOUF KHLIF.
20-we need more SKILLS/FEINTS like real soccer! we don't want FIFA to be better then PES!! and never ever ever remove BECOME A LEGEND "BAL" we love it we need it.

this is all if KONAMI didn't consider these happening then they will never make PES different at all! why can't KONAMI really do these things whyyyyyy?? get a new engine whatever but please chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange :)


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Background cut scenes:

In Pes 2012, in ML and BAL menu, we have stadium shown in the background before each match, right? .This is very nice.

Now, in PES 2013 , I want to see players, manager and team staff arriving to the stadium in their team bus and walking towards their locker room with cool gestures to the camera . Players would carry their ipod or other gadgets.


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just a few things that i want in the next game, some purely aesthetic, some not.

firstly, get the old long pass and crossing animation back, along with some improved shooting animations. the finesse shot needs to be improved and should have the animation that the 'long range drive' skill card gets you.

bring back bigger shirt numbers and the ability to add an outline to the numbers.

add the ability to put team emblems on shorts.

more layers on kits and more designs, make it possible to put things wherever on the shirts, not just a set rectangle on the front - shoulders, back, sleeves, rib area etc.

make the league logo on the shirt sleeves higher for un-liscensed teams.

bring back the shirt pull from one of the PS2 PES games (cant remember which it was)

bring back players being booked after advantages.

try and get NIKEid, so we can change the colours of certain designs. (mainly so we can keep it up to date ourselves rather than having to wait several months)

on older PES games there were a number of preset faces you could use for your created players, this should be brought back so we can add facial hair to players without having to create their face again. Also all hairstyles should be available, or at least the ability to change the colour of preset default hair, because some of the styles aren't available for use in the creation mode.

I've played PES since it was ISS pro evolution on PS1and i know most people would LOVE these changes.


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1-players desire to get the ball/reactions/judgment/collision/hand ball/Stop players from diving

2-takles broken bones/knocked out/cuts/bruises(players get treatment on pitch)

3-deteriorating pitch

4-weather changes in game and effects play/put snow into the game

5-team & player confidence bar

6-time doesn't stop when play does/it slows down

7-referee not as strict

8-all leagues in the world

9-play club & national teams in master league/get fired/hired/talk to your players one to one do team talks/buy teams in masters league with money you make as manager

10-create stadiums/cups/leagues/teams/managers/referees/boots/balls in edit mode (can be added into master league)

11-local multiplayer master league 1/16 players or more

12-more surnames

13-add a television where you can watch cup draws match of the day & skysports style programs in master league


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Hi guys.


Add more elements to EDIT STADIUM mode.
- no stand option (behind the goal)
- lower main, rare, left and rare stand (like in lower divisions stadium)
- more light options and change color seat for particular stand/sector


- Add more Nation teams or at least leave more empty slots for National teams or just add all of them with fake names so user can edit this later.

- Add more slots for Other club.

- in edit mode add following parameters:
a) rival teams
b) popularity
c) max and min frequency on the match


- More option for league, tournament.
for example in old game Sensible soccer on amiga you could configure every stage of tournament or league details:
for example for tournament:
First stage: knock out - home/away - group home/away/1match
Second stage - knockout - home/away
and so on ....

- supporters frequency in league. Stadiums are always filled ?!

- more tactics

- better behavior of goalkeepers. They still act weird.

- more expressions regarding the match with local rival or other rival etc..
for example expression after scoring the goal should be more enthusiastic with local rival.

- place on the stadium for supporters of rival team. Usually in the corner of the stadium.

- be able to set foul tolerances for particular league for example: very low, low, mid, nor, high, very high. The game is often "too sterile"
. For example in Premier League the game is more stronger than in other leagues.

- in exhibition mode to be able to set for example: switch off the fouls and off sides or set they tolerances level just for fun.

- fair play actions.

- more interaction with referee . Aggression parameter for player would be responsible for they behave.

- Be able to adjust AI or lower it like in PES Game mode patch. Separately for players and goalkeepers.

- Injures should affect the players. They should give a signal to catch if they are unable to continue the game, for example lie down on the ground and ask for help.


- Edit faces, names, physic details etc. Be able to select them and assign to selected leagues.
- Edit referees skills (main, lines one)


- add more seasons. Light, normal, heavy: rain,snow,wind.
- the weather should be changeable even during the game like Premier League
rain/sun/rain wind etc...


- Add Aggression parameter . Player with higher level would foul more often and argue with referee more often too.
Why ? Computer is not getting many red cards at all (?)!

- More accessories, more hair styles.


- thrown ins should be shown without fading out and in the action. If the ball flew too far away a kids behind the goal should pass other ball the the goalkeeper it could keep the game flowing.
At the present it is very bad. The defender has a time to get back quickly to the defense without the problem.
User is unable to perform quick contra-attack. The same as with free kicks.

- controversial situations should be discussed between referees on the line.


- Be able to set what country the league belongs too.

Present level of other parameters is ok

- Cup during the league. They should be played on team's stadium and not like now on the random one. In edit mode for CUP we should be able to select where the final will be taken.

- Super Cup . Winner of the League and winner of the Cup, for example at the end of the season or beginning another.


Many thanks.
Kind regards


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My only wish for PES 2013? FIX THE DAMN GAMEPLAY!! Everything else is all well and good but if the game plays like a pile of Vomit whats the point?

PES 2012 IMO was absolutely all over the place!


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KONAMI should bring back the ability to put designs on kits and the referee is a cheat because when a cheap foul is made he blows and only gives yellow cards for tackling a player unporpose from behind. This is really a mess.


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when players are seriously injured, they should receive treatment on the pitch if they aren't able to walk out and that should be shown, as mentioned before, lying down holding the injured part.


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please.... PES has bigger problems than designs on shirts. Fix the gameplay. PLEEEEEASE, just send us a descent game, we damn well deserve it after five years.
ps. KONAMI, try playing the game before you release it. I dont think you guys really sat down and played a full day of any PES from 2008, or else you would have never released them


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PLEASE bring back these things: 1)The International League Mode (where you could play the league with national teams)
2)The option to view the scores of all the other matches (a calendar of all the matches)
3) The possibility to see lopsided victories (when a very good team faces a very bad team it's logic the very good team will easily win scoring like 8, 9 or even 10 goals depending on how much difference there is between both teams)
Please change: 1)the replays, please make them longer, so I can see the complete play until the ball touches the ground inside the goal and finishes bouncing.
2) Better net physics or movement, more realism in the net's movement.
I would really appreciate if I could see these changes hapen.
Thank you very much


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A lot of very good ideas on here and the majority i agre with but trying not to be a killjoy this is KONAMI were talking about so its highly we'll get much or any of the things we ask for! Like i said i agree and want what most want on here so i wont make a long list that will be repeating whats on here but 2 things ive noticed missing that i'd like.....
3Rd kit: every team nowadays has a 3rd kit but only real madrid has 1 in this series their red champions league kit!! Staying with kits how come theres no away gk kit.....sheer laziness on konamis part but sure we all know they like to cut corners.
Injuries: in ml or bal unless you have a crap doctor your player misses only a couple weeks, why not have realistic injuries ie. state what injury a player has and a realistic timeframe for him to be back in training ie. Hamstring tear.....5-6 weeks. Have any injury a footballer can have from concussion to torn ligaments and if they go down injured during a game have them clutch whatever part thats hurt not just there leg!


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A lot of very good ideas on here and the majority i agre with but trying not to be a killjoy this is KONAMI were talking about so its highly we'll get much or any of the things we ask for! Like i said i agree and want what most want on here so i wont make a long list that will be repeating whats on here but 2 things ive noticed missing that i'd like.....
3Rd kit: every team nowadays has a 3rd kit but only real madrid has 1 in this series their red champions league kit!! Staying with kits how come theres no away gk kit.....sheer laziness on konamis part but sure we all know they like to cut corners.
Injuries: in ml or bal unless you have a crap doctor your player misses only a couple weeks, why not have realistic injuries ie. state what injury a player has and a realistic timeframe for him to be back in training ie. Hamstring tear.....5-6 weeks. Have any injury a footballer can have from concussion to torn ligaments and if they go down injured during a game have them clutch whatever part thats hurt not just there leg!

Yes, totally agree. We badly need third kit and away kit for GK . Plus Kit mixer like in Pes 6, where we could mix shirt,shorts and shocks between home, away and third kit.


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I have played PES ever since PES2 and have always chosen to play it rather than FIFA, i do believe however that there are plenty of changes that could be made to PES to make it a much better game. here are some of my ideas:

1. bring back various weather conditions - i think playing in snow and rain adds a much more realistic feel to the game.

2. at the start of matches have the players shake hands rather than stand and look as if they are ready for the national anthem.

3. in ML be able to move clubs - when you get bored of managing a team you have to start a new game!!! WHY?!

4. add the championship, league 1 and league 2 to ML whether the teams are licensed or not (i dont mind changing the team names myself)

5. the commentary needs to be more realistic, atm you can tell they are just reading a script. when i score a great goal or an important goal i want the commentators to sound excited rather than the same dull tone.

6. make the crowd play a bigger part - when playing away from home i want to hear the home fans booing, another possible idea for the crowd is to get a close up on them when a team has scored a goal. also make them louder to add more of an atmosphere.

7. Referees - the card system in PES 2012 is sometimes really poor e.g. everytime a goalkeeper takes out an attacker when one on one they escape with a yellow card rather than a red! very unrealistic. i dont mind the odd bad decision because that adds realism but the goalkeeper situation deffo needs sorting.

8. in ML why do you always have to pay a transfer fee when loaning a player? i know that sometimes a fee might be involved but not every single time! te whole point of a loan is that they are cheaper.

9. i think it would be excellent if when playing the ML live scores from other games come up so that you know how other teams are doing ( this would make a great atmosphere when in a title challenge or relegation battle)

10. i think the stadium creator was an excellent idea, this year add more options to it such as number of seats :)

11. when a player is injured, tell us what the injury is! also introduce more serious injuries like in previous PES games (its realistic when a player is taken off in a stretcher and cannot continue)

12. better crowd banners!!!

13. better music is needed.

14. in ML more options to edit the appearance of the manager e.g. different clothes rather than a suit all the time.

15. show subs warming up on ML before coming on.

16. before kick off on some games show the teams warming up e.g. dribbling through cones like in real life.

17. on the older PES games on the ML there was a records page which showed players' total goals and assists throughout their careers, why has this gone?

18. FIFA has more than one commentary team... possible idea for PES?

19. in ML more realistic tranfer budgets and chairman expectations depending on the club

20. more realistic transfers e.g. i have seen messi at madrid! rooney at chelsea and so on.

21. in the champions league have an official behind the goal.

22. more player animations - when a player gets frustrated e.g. losing or not playing well, have the camera show them kicking the ground or shouting at teammates.

23. different cutscenes when lifting a trophy

24. add more options to edit mode when creating kits, also bring back boot creator.

25. on matchday maybe show the fans entering the stadium before kick off

26. full player name rather than just last name

27. make certain players have discipline problems e.g. mario balotelli

hope you like these ideas and hopefully some will be integrated into the game :)


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Suggestions for PES 2013? I have a few, and first I would like to say I have been a player of the games since the old ISS days and so please count any suggestions as fully respectful of the reputation of PES and its designers.

But I'm sorry to say that PES 2012 was the most disappointing version I have played. I thought 10/11 were themselves noticeably poorer than previous editions.

---Difficulty--- The way that the difficulty level is calculated needs to be altered. Regular is unplayable because AI opposition are completely passive and do not even attempt to play, and this is usual. But in this version, Top Player mode is unplayable for me. In this version, more than any other, the cards seem stacked against you. Your team, regardless of their ability, play worse not based on the quality of the opposition, but merely because the difficulty level is higher. Your players, regardless of opposition pressure, play unrealistically worse just because of the difficulty level. Top Player is a frustrating waste of time because the ineptitude of your own players is laughable. The opposition become mind readers and the ability stats of the players becomes and irrelevance as the AI team are better anyway. If one is playing with Messi against Roger Johnson, regardless of high difficulty you expect Messi to have the advantage.

---Gameplay--- The actual quality of the football has diminished greatly. PES 2012 is ludicrously scrappy, the ball bouncing off your own players until an AI player can pick it up.

-Through balls are just a mess, and are never put in a sensible place. When defending or attempting them there is no sense to them.
-Shooting inside the box should have an at least 50% chance of going in; at the moment you're lucky if it goes on target.
-Defending/Attacking corners are both a lottery, there is no order to them and chances are if the difficulty is high then the AI scores every single one of them.
-AI free kick shots are far too accurate, they go in most of the time.
-When the ball is headed out from an attacking corner, and you attempt to X-pass it a few feet forward to one of your players, your player will, regardless of how long it is pressed for, boot it hard forward to an offside player. This needs to STOP now. Offsides should be granted solely for through-balls, not for attempts at short passes.

---Sounds--- The soundtrack is fine. However, a new commentary track would be great, and their reactions at the moment are wrong to the point of seeming sarcastic most of the time. Louder and more varied crowd noise and volume depending on events on the pitch. Attempts on goal drawing "Ohhs" and applause, carded players receiving "boos".

---Stadia---The stadium creator is fantastic. Simply, I would like more options. More stands (particularly all the terraces need to be steeper and taller to be realistic). More backgrounds. More pitch types. More dugouts and colour choices for them. The space between the pitch and the stand should be under our control, so we can make UK-style box stadiums and/or separate corner pieces so the stands behind the goal are placed closer to the pitch anyway.

---Kits---Again more options and variations. A return of the mixing and matching of shirts, shorts and socks in game mode I am not concerned with licenses anyway, especially if it stops the application of this feature.

---Player Edit---I am very happy with the face build method used at the moment. However, more hair/beardstyles are always welcome. More celebrations too. Also, the option of adding/changing the default beards on preset player faces, regardless of its succes, would be greatly appreciated by those who care to alter these things.

---Cup Victories---The old winning celebrations need updating, and the full squad needs to be involved in team celebrations. The default captain in the kick-off Game Plan needs to raise the trophy rather than the player who happened to be captain at the end of that game. So frustrating when you've put hours of effort in with your team and then certain players are arbitrarily uninvolved in the celebration.

Thank you very much.

Vinicius Dias

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:happy:HI, im from brasil - my englis is not good
What pes needs to win fifa series and dont keep losing fans is to:
create a mount of animations or call ''motion nature games''
the last pes (2012) whave just 4 animations for run, you can see that on ''create a player'', just have 4 types of run.

the goalkeepears is a problem that konami dont want to fix, speaking in japan style: the goalkeeper have to be like a NINJA!:ninja:

and finale , if konami whether grow up whith pes , they need to spend some money in pes! pick up all teams of england league.
they have to talk with chelsea and manchester city that the team grow up if they appear on more games.

about image, fox engeni is the solution!!