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PES 2013 wish list

Attila 376

Registered User
1. Better gameplay.
2. Tackle.
3. Pressurize by being able to just move your player near the opponent.
4. Ability to sprint when you need to and not only when their goalkeeper has the ball.
5. Stop the computer from using your players to tackle your player.
6. Get rid of difficulty. Look at Sensible Soccer. That didn't need it and that was almost perfect. Difficulty should just depend on who you are and who you're playing against.
7. Bring back the more adjustable Semi Auto. Not just either computer controls when you change player or you have to every time you pass!!!
8. More music. Much, much , much more music!
9.More teams. How is it a 20 year old game has every team in the world and yet you don't even have 10% of them!
10. Stop wasting time on different ideas that don't work, like the ability to control two players at once. FIFA tried that and failed so why should PES do it? Go back to getting the game to how it used to be- good.
11. Better management in Master League. Look at Football Manager. On Pro you should at least be able to pick who you want to sign and how much you want to spend- not this 'the scout does it' nonsense! The ability to change teams or get sacked would be nice- the International games deliberately placed just before your game could be stopped then and have International management a possibility, with league games pushed back for internationals as in real life!
12. Shooting. I want to be able to shoot/ take free kicks or corners by just pushing the shoot/pass button and trying to aim it myself at the goal (with the power bar showing how much power I put on the shot. I don't want to play Mortal Kombat and have to press X+A+Y and double tap RB to be able to come even close to scoring a goal!
13. Crossing. As there is now a power bar for everything, why is there not for crossing??? This means crosses are a complete guess! And the double tap thing is pointless! Just let me control how much power I put in and try and get the accuracy myself!

All in all, I just want a game where I feel I have got control of my team, and the challenge is in beating the team I am playing against, and not as it is, where I feel my Xbox will do anything to beat me (including bad refereeing, strange bounces of the ball, my players not chasing or running/ passing the completely opposit direction to the one I pressed!), no matter who my opponents are! I understand I should struggle against Barcelona, but as Inter, Real Madrid or Man Utd I shouldn't be struggling to score against some made up lower division team all the time!

I have been a regular customer and normally play on the hardest difficulty, but on PES 2012 I feel I can't even enjoy the game on regular! So my final point is this- a very important point that Konami seem to have forgotten- MAKE THE GAME FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


Registered User
UEFA Champions League Must be hold in PES 2013 (forever PES with UEFA)… without UEFA CL and EL PES would be boring.
Play Speed must be slower, motions.
Player Position, Condition and overall rating must be together while choosing strategy-formation. Clicking all the time on RB – LB is killing me.

Moving a Player with RT\R2 when You don’t have a ball is Horrible. they are flying or smth
Bundesliga (licensed or un)
d2 leagues under all leagues (licensed or un)
new commentators !!!
Fix the AI. CPU more shots, kicks, fouls, fight. AI must be more aggressive more smart...
more keeper gloves for goalkeepers
more tricks.
More Diving, in Real football they are lying 1 hour on the pitch ))
celebration after goal must be different: Goal with Genoa isn't as emotional as vs A.C. Milan or Inter or Juventus or Barcelona or Real Madrid. Goal on Champions League in Semi-final or in Final must be very emotional

more MOTIONS !!! 30 types MINIMUM !!! Superstar Players OWN, Individual Motions.
Dribbling – only 4 type Are You Kidding Us ???
Free Kick – it’s 11 type. Superstars must have own style of free kicks. (In Training Challenge I like Free Kicks, but in Real Game it’s really different, I think because GK’s are like Robots)
Penalty Kick – 6 type it’s little.
Drop Kick – 4 type. I can’t say anything about it. other things are More Important

More Animations: remove black screen, on Free kicks, Corner Kicks, like on throw in case. it will be great
Better movement when receiving pass, shooting.

There are so many possibilities, make the game larger, like 15GB better graphics, new engine, etc. Take more time if you need but make the game very good, so that it doesn't get boring when you play 1 – 2 seasons.

Referee mode would be amazing entertainment.

Manager Customize:
At this moment ,all managers wear default suit.
i) There should be other outfits like overcoats, team jackets, shirt and tie etc. for managers.
ii) We should be able to edit their physic and facial appearance as well.

Player warm-ups
Player warm-ups are already present in the game, but only in free training sessions. They forgot to put it in real matches.
i) When we pause the ongoing game (ball is in play) and substitute players, till the ball is out of play and sub happen, player should appear doing warm-ups (as in free training) .

Cut Scenes
Training Cut scenes are nice, but other cut-scenes, they are repetitive in terms of :
i) texts used in conversations. It is not difficult change to have 30 or more combination of sentence and show them in random for a dialog. Currently, no matter what club you join or which agent to work with , dialogs are all same. They need to be dynamic. Each agent or manager or chairman could have particular personality... and it is not difficult as there are no sounds used in dialogs.. just subtitles!!
ii) background and camera angle. The backgrounds of office or locker room or agent backstage are static. for every club same office, same locker room, same backstage...We need the theme of the office and locker room and backstage to be changed according to the club and logos of clubs ..just like the training kits...

Be able to manage a national team and a master league team in the same time ( for example you play with Real Madrid in the Master League and when the national competitions start (for example EURO CUP or World CUP) if you are a national trainer of Italy you can pick up your players from clubs across the world and play on National Cup
ML and League on 2 player (to play against each other) with all cup and competition, training, transfers and etc. as is on 1 player, to play vs my friends in League or in Cup or in Champions League... this is what i want most. [improvement of MultiPlayer]
As in the Master League, i want to make my own club and start from the very beginning. finding and negotiate with sponsors, hire agent and staff, looking for young player, design team kits, make a team home-base stadium and training ground, etc. It would be great if Nike, adidas, Puma, Kappa and other will offer us to be our sponsors and change kit design with their logo also with Sponsors.
Trophy cabinet would be so satisfying and inspiring (Y) .Also player who retires from my club should be put in legends gallery with careers stats. I hate reborning players it kills game
Top Scorer Photos and names. Top Assist Photos and names. Legend player photos and etc.
UEFA Champions League best players must be selected more realistic and not with overall ratings. I think it would be better with this Goal+Assist+Rating = best player. (also I think Best Player 90% must be Uefa Cl winner)
LIST People who are retiring this year (Pre-season)
when your player (if he was important player for team) retires there must be equal situation last match applause and etc.
Barcelona vs Real Madrid there must be results from previous matches, also what they have done Head to Head in last seasons.
In the Master League (League), a ranking of the top scorers, players, goalkeepers and … For all the years
In the Master League ( League or Cup ) started every game or sometime, in the league would be a table ranking (points…)
Co-ownerships, player + money trades…
Also be able to choose your sponsor. Many sponsor varieties
World News’s: Barcelona won against Real Madrid, Iniesta got serious injuries, Rooney is Top scorer so long. In this week El Clasico, or Derby di italia (Barcelona vs Real Madrid or Juventus vs Inter vs Milan ) in PES2012 we’re losing it.

Also Player of the Week, Month, Year. Top 11 player of every Round.

national super cups(spanish super cup, community shield, suppecoppa italiana, german super cup, Berlusconi CUP (Juve vs Milan), TIM Cup (Juve vs Milan vs Inter) full time 45 minute then PK’s)

It would great if we could see Report of Main games, like Barca vs Real – Man UTD vs Chelsea vs Arsenal vs Man City – Juve vs Milan vs Inter even if I choose Ajax I’m interested who scored in that match and what happened details…

in ML Staff must be many people to choose, (Coach, Athletic, Scout, Doctor), only 5 doctor sucks, also there must be more injuries, to pay fee for some operation what would need a player. I want to retire Coach, when I want in middle of November or in April like a real football.

Club Boss is very monotonous. it would be perfect to move Club Boss elements in ML.
More ways to spend money. for example:
when you loose derby game on your Home stadium, crowd goes crazy and may break, damage stadium parts Chairs and etc.
In every 3 or 6 month Stadium Turf need to change. and like it was in PES2008, I’ll choose type of turf...
many things like this could be made


When I choose more than 1 user there MUST be Cup Competitions !!! So many people are begging you for this !!! 3-4 man want to play Serie A or BBVA with All Cups UEFA CL and Europe League.
Add View Scores. Like in ML to miss game i don't want to play

Graphics NEED IMPROVEMENT. Textures of Shirt, players .... Level of Detail also need to work Seriously. PES 2012 from near view isn't bad, but when i'm playing with Wide cam.(80% or more of pes Gamers) or pitchside cam. players, turf, crowd are awful.
colors are disgusting !!! Weather cycle also is disgusting.
When it’s Rainy weather I can’t see rain drops :(((. it’s Huge SHAME.
More expansive edit mode - greater detail in editing faces, more templates (don't just add new ones and remove old ones - a larger total number of templates - and why does it take 2 layers to make the adidas stripes when adidas are licensed in kits, boots and balls?), ability to put chest logo-like images on the whole kit
I wish the pes 2013 new options have a choice of climate: Sunny, Cloudy, Rain, Light Rain, SNOW, transition overnight.
Fans: take tracks to support the players, shouting the name of players, the crowd animations with more texture, you do not like booing the team in field support when playing at home.

Field: water when heavy rain and stay
Players: slip in heavy rain, are injured more easily because of the rain, ask the referee of the match to allow the medical team take the field.
Animations: new expressions, injuries, new cameras, fans, player movement, touches, crosses
new punishments: yellow for any claims, touch the ball
new cameras: show bench, showing technique and broadcast TV show fans celebrating a goal.


Registered User
I say scrap this whole new gameplay and bring back the old gameplay from PES5 and PES6. Just saying....

But seriously you know your doing something wrong when you went from being on top of the football market to being second place. FIFA is talked about way more these days, sad really cause when this game got it right it was the best by light years.


Registered User
in the pes 2013 debut trailer it looks like the real c. ronaldo in some parts in the video and at 1:00 you will see a writing under which involves adidas and the three stripes logo and stuff so this could really be a step up but they just cant stop there


Registered User
in BAL pes should add the feature to start in whatever team you like but you have to be in their youth/reserve team until you turn 18 but they may loan you out the first season depending on your performance.


Registered User
in BAL pes should add the feature to start in whatever team you like but you have to be in their youth/reserve team until you turn 18 but they may loan you out the first season depending on your performance.

yes i agree 100%
every frickin time i start BAL i always end up in an team from the netherlands

M Ace

Registered User
I want to put feints on all the players. Matthews feint on only Stanley Matthews, Inside bounce on Johnny "Bråttom" Ekström etc.

Not only a couple of feints to use at all my players. This option should be amazing if you add...


Registered User
Just like they do with contract renewals in ML, I would like to see a similar list from my assistant of players who are going to retire this season. Would make it easier then having to troll through all their dossiers.


Registered User
in BAL pes should add the feature to start in whatever team you like but you have to be in their youth/reserve team until you turn 18 but they may loan you out the first season depending on your performance.

I agree whit you... but konami dont do much whit the BAL mode it seems:crymore:


Registered User
My PES 2013 wishlist:

1) For it not to be shit like PES 2012

Other than basic gameplay improvements:

2) More effort put into ML - schedule, development, less crappy cutscenes, more realistic fake names (I mean seriously, Konami's idea of what a European surname should sound like is basically just a collection of random letters... like ETIYUOBOP).

3) Being able to upload your saved replays to a server, for others to see.

4) Players should have a first and last name - like they do in Fifa.

5) More effort put into unlicensed team strips and players with default faces.

6) More music.

7) No shitty shouty screamy music.

8) Lots more stuff that I can't think about right now.

True dat


Registered User
My PES 2013 wishlist:

1) For it not to be shit like PES 2012

I laughed hard.....they need to overhaul everything though they need new game testers, they should offer people on the feedback boards to test the game considering we are the ones who are bothered to give feedback


Registered User
David Mas put this in an other thread and I added something up. This is for ML

1) Managers to be transferred from team to another just like players .. It would be more fun like that.

2) Editing the market value of our players.

3) Real money .. like G.Bale for 55m not 7m !! let it be more realistic.
And what kind of team have only 100m in their safes?!

4) How about adding training in ML so you can experiment with tactics.

5) When you start the ML add some generous funds at the beginning to build my own team.

6) Chairman Backup .. Whats the point of having the chairman backup if he doesn't grant you anything .. how about giving more funds as much as the chairman backup rises.

7) Kits .. If someone plays the master league alot *like me* it would be boring to have the same kits the same jerseys for 5 years!
I have a few suggestions about this topic:

1- Give A good random mixer of the main team colors year after year.
2- Let the player edit his team kit with main colors or whatever they want.
3- Give the player a selection between old kits since (2000 to 2013 for example)
4- they might be stupid .. please, if anyone read this add your own ideas

8) Teams celebrations(when winning a cup or a league) are really weak, short, the graphic sucks .. not even cool! .. C'mon Konami get creative for god sake!

9) Renewals .. we must have the ability to renewal our players anytime not just in their last year of contract.

10) Trading players in negotiations.

Now the main idea that if you're playing ML you will spend too much time on it so add things that will Revive the team every season and along the season.

and for example when you want to buy a player, you don't have to wait is it possible to get him, but you can put an asking price, then let's see what does the other team anwer.

It's stupid to wait for negotiation and then it says broken down. What if you starta negotiation but by offering 30 million for an 12 million player, what about that, no way it would brake down.


Registered User
i just want they remove exhibition in the pre season campaign and replace it with tour which you can choose whats your opponents is example a pre season in south america.... and with just this you could increase your club fan base and increase some club funds by promoting your club........

and ability to change/leave/retired as a manager.....

and please... whats the point of being a manager for free ??? add in manager salary so that i can buy something for the next suggestion

manager can buy > clothes/car/new hairstyle/glass/house etc just like what a BAL player should have....

All of the manager record should be there for us to be seen...
like the number of games play/win/lose/draw/trophies - best game/worst game and etc

more AWARD.... youth player of the year,fifa team of the year,goal of the year (yeah with this you will be able to see which goal is the best)

able to review back your season

ability to add in a bonus funds to a player who has given you the best of your career .... so that it will increase their trust to the club or not leaving the club....

In football life masterleague ... add in a new option play as masterleague default/orginal squad/and add this CREATE A CLUB where you can spend your time more than 60 min just to create A Club stadium,name,emblem,kit,chant,banner,location and etc... CREATE A CLUB IS A MUST FOR PES2013

Parade at the local city after CL triumph would be more reasonable to end your season perfectly ..

Add in a option where i can view all player in a single league instead just on a club and nation,

Bring back the top bar news just like in previous pes...

before each season start in the pre season mode or after the league has ended.. you could change your kit appearance base on your sponsorship.

MORE CUP, and add in a supercopa match... where the winner of the league play againts the winner of the league cup.

ML should be more fun as the time goes by... not boring.... when i won the CL and the next season i can defend it so easily like they bow to me... instead why dont making them growing stronger and aggresive more because they want to win it....

more realistic transfer and stop messi to stoke city,xavi to parma,iniesta to gijon transfer...

upgrade the youth reborn stat...
youth team lvl 1 : 1-50 overall stat - the rest the mediacore player
youth team lvl 2 : 50-60 overall stat - 4 player this youth would only make a good team reserve
youth team lvl 3 : 60-70 overall stat - 3 player could make the 1st eleven
youth team lvl 4 : 70-75 overall stat - 2 player they are the superstar
youth team lvl 5 : 75-79 overall stat - 1 player (20 yeas of age atleast for this) they are the legend ..... base on this we could know who are the best and a TEAM like madrid and barca would go on the 4th youth stat........ or is there better suggestion for this as its sucks to see a player like del piero got stat 95 when they are 20....... not everyone as good as pele/messi/ronaldo luiz at their young age and please change the way player won player of the year award just because their stat is 99 when they lose in overall rating of the season ....
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i want to add in:
1. that you can create teams in ML just like in pes '08
2. that you can do more with the money in bal...
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Registered User
So it's this time of the year again :)

My main gripe are those random moments of retardedness,

i.e When a through ball is underhit, the player jogs slowly forwards waiting for the ball to catch up, basically the set paths on through balls, like in defense where you go for an interception and your player lets it go through is legs leaving the guy one on one. Another one is where (This is more in 2 player modes and again with set paths) the players collide and just give the ball away, or when it's a loose ball, you run with your player towards the ball and he steps over it hits his shin somehow and it goes to the nearest opposition player.

The improvements mentioned so far by Konami and others seems promising on this game being awesome

EDIT: Read what KONAMI had to offer this year in full and it seems they're tackling this :)


Registered User
Continue with the awesome Champions league presentation etc but allow to select who you want in the competition to play against in the groups etc rather than just the default, and also build on the awesome celebrations when you win with more cameos and do a lap of honour etc see the players walk up to get their medals like back in pes 5 etc.


Registered User
First of all some of the ideas posted are really good, its refreshing to see that although konami have got it wrong for some time now there are loyal fans still out there.

I don't know if its to late to post ideas but... I really think that having real names and faces for the classic players is a deffo extra feature to add?? I read someone posting 2 player master league? great idea only if the ML has been scratched and reworked. No more annoying coach talks and chairman talk, complete waste of everyone's time including game developers. Take it back to the first few pes games when the 2nd division was first introduce go back to that and work on it. Master league used to be the best part of the game. I played around 10 seasons with a team on the old ML, pes 10, 11 and 12 two seasons at most. Also BAL would be immense with a two player option, playing for different teams coming up against each other. Or playing for the same team and one of you has chance to move fro stoke to united. Both getting taken away by your international teams for the world cup. I believe something as simple as two player BAL would bring hours of fun.
It sounds as if the gameplay could be getting brought up to scratch i prey it does. Other things which i agree on with others is more emotional celebrations, derbys, first goals, last min goals, finals. also the team celebrations after winning a cup. Trophy cases getting to see what you've achieved with the club, this would personally make the ML a lot better. Deeper divisions I read a user saying they would edit the clubs name and kit themselves just add more teams, i agree as long as the love for the game play is back. I hope Konami take all of our ideas in to serious consideration as we are the ones who continue to play the game and keep the faith. Bring back the hours of armchair fun.


Registered User
For longevity in ML, possibly a third division? That can make the transition to the top tier leagues smoother since the difference in standard is quite drastic.


Registered User
Deffo, I think that would also add to the depth in the league cup, much more enjoyment. The whole transfer system needs reworked also. I don't understand why the need to have the scout make your choices came in! Maybe have a cut scene with a meeting with the player. New dialogue for diff players though the cut scenes in pes 2012 are so boring and repetitive.