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PES 2016 Demo Discussion


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The goalkeepers are again shocking, this is a deal breaker for me. I can't tell you how many times ive conceded and lost games through the shoddy keepers parrying the ball to oncoming strikers on pes 2015.
I believe the actual gameplay of pes 2015 was hands down better than both fifa 14 and fifa 15. The constant fouls that are being called and the keepers just ruin the game every time i play it. I think no i'll give it another go but i end up getting to angry with pes 2015.
Then watching one of the games being played at gamescom, it was juve vs bayern i think. Out of the 4 goals scored buffon parried two balls straight to the attackers. Neur was not much better either. I'm waiting for the excuses to come ala "played on easy difficulty" "early code" ect ect. In honesty ive played a lot of fifa 15 lately and i don't think it's as bad as some make it out to be. Fifa 16 looks very very good too , what with the changes being made to it this year. I find it hard to take that konami mostly got back on track with last years game only to become lazy and not fix the keepers.
Well for what it's worth that's my 2 cents over (rant too).

that right, demo fifa 16 this year is fine, with gk correct. GK pes no fixed this year?


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Is it just me that the demo is so different from the full game. Hardly played either of both but the demo looked great but the full game gameplay felt so sloppy.


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If it means anything to anyone, there is a Demo available on Steam for the PC. Try before you buy and all...

Rat Monkey

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The demo certainly feels different to the full game. I prefer the full game myself. Shooting felt very samey and dull in the demo and it was far too easy to dribble past the AI. Shooting is more like 15 now, which i liked. Full game also feels slightly slower. Better all round for me, except the goalies are a bit crap from low shots to the side of them.


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Anyone experienced both the ps4 and pc versions?
While I didn't play much of the ps4 demo it seemed so good but downloaded it for the pc and it seemed awful. I just written it of as another bad game after a promising demo but maybe I'm wrong and the pic version is a watered down version what EA aren't unfamiliar with doing?

Or maybe should I ask is the ps4 demo similar to the ful game?


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Had a funny experience downloading free to play version.

At first I had to download about 2 gb file, installed it and then it started downloading whole 20 gb file. In the mean time, I could turn on the game and play exhibition match. I was able to choose between Barca and Juventus, while the match was played at Konami stadium. I decided to wait until the whole free to play thing will be downloaded and check everything that is available. Ok, after some time, I got everything fully installed. Turned the game on again and got everything the same as in demo. There was no Barcelona and no Konami stadium anymore. You have the same 7 teams as from demo + two stadiums from demo. Other stuff includes free My Club, Training and various settings, where you can change game speed and stuff like that. I dont have PS+ so there is no chance for me to play My Club. So, I`ve ended in the same spot as I were with demo. :D haha.